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As We Remember

As we watch our TV or streaming today, we are reminded that it has been 21 years since the 911 attack on America. Many of us know people who perished, some of us know people who did heroic acts. All of us were affected. We are reminded that life is short and should be lived to the fullest everyday.

As we remember the horror, we remember the bravery. We remember the selfless acts, and how our attitude toward each other changed. We remember how we all came together as a nation, as a people. We hung our flags out with pride, honor, significance and yes defiance. We will not let others intimidate us.

There is so much division in our country today. We have moved away from being One Nation Under God. We have replaced our sense of community and love of our nation and each other, with harsh words, condemnation and cancellation. We have bought into the us verses the others, but the others are ourselves.

As we remember, let us try to remember a softer country, a gentler country. Let us try to recapture what has been lost in our society. Love begins at home. Home being not just our personal domicile, but our home as a country. Let us start by forgiving ourselves and each other.

I hope today and everyday finds all of America in a better place. I hope all Americans start to give back to each other, that which we have stolen from each other. Let today be a reminder that we are ALL Americans, we all have value and purpose. Let us try to remember to foster that within ourselves and promote it in all with whom we come contact. Because we are all affected, by what we do, say and comport ourselves.

God bless this great nation and keep her safe.

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Very nice concept 👍🏽

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