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HI All Quillers and The Liberty Gang! The Liberty Quill was founded on the premise that Liberty and Freedom are afforded to us all. It was given to us not by government, but rather from our Creator. Our forefathers believed and held these truths to be self evident. These inalienable rights shall not be infringed, they are not restrained nor are they repealed by human laws or mobs. We are all guaranteed the freedoms concerning religion, expression, press, assembly and the right to petition.

There is a deliberate reason this is the first of our Amendments. It is to be preserved, and respected. All are created equal. All have a right to speak, unimpeded and without fear of being silenced. You do not have to agree with what someone is saying, in order to agree they have the right to say it. People have a right to be heard, and you have a right to engage in a civil dialogue with them if you do not agree.

The Liberty Quill is embarking on a new idea. We have teamed up with a bunch of crazy innovators who believe we can change the world of Social Media. Now if that isn't off the cliff what else would be? Our new platform is in it's very early infancy stage. The Liberty Quill is asking everyone to please, please, please go to the top of our home page, click on QUILL HUMOR and help us get this off the ground. Go to Quill Humor and take a test drive. You can post, say what you want and be anonymous. Ask your friends to do the same. The Liberty Quill is asking for your help. Even if you just post once and never do it again, that's okay. It will help with the development.

In closing, The Liberty Quill wants to thank you for your support and we encourage all to keep their voices heard. Our liberties and freedom of speech are very much under assault. We want to preserve them to be enjoyed for future generations. Thank you for your willingness to help.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

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