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I have had people ask, what does that word mean? It has a rather dual meaning. You can use it to describe something that is fake, others use it as an expression of something being messed up, or more crudely, F’d up. Either way, if you watched Joe Biden’s State of the Union, you would probably say the speech was both. There were so many false statements and fabrications, the fact checkers couldn’t keep up.

Then came the head scratcher senence…..” Putin will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people”. Yep, he said Iranian. Problem is, he was talking about Ukraine. Kamala Harris appeared as confused as Joe. That was one of the obvious blunders that made people grab for the remote and hit rewind, just to make sure their hearing didn’t suddenly go bad. As he tripped and rambled something about no wall being big enough to stop a virus (????) he went on to try to convince the American people that despite the fact that they know they are pulling out more money at the gas pump and the grocery store, that they were somehow better off than they were a year ago. Tough sell, but he tried to push it anyway.

Then in an unexpected turn of events, Joe Biden, who is notorious for plagiarizing, began to replicate Donald Trump’s speech. Hire American, buy American, bring manufacturing back to America, fund the police, close the border, make America great again. In essence, he was applauding Donald Trump’s policies throughout his speech. The only one he left out was drilling oil and being the largest exporter and again being energy independent. Yikes!!!! Who saw that coming? And in the ever constant hypocrisy of the Democrats, they all jumped to their feet and applauded. Chuck Schumer was the one of the few who, for a split second, hesitated, probably because he recognized those same previously demonized words coming out of Trumps mouth, as mandatory stay in your seat and scowl, eventually stood up and clapped like a seal with his fellow Democrats.

The circus act did not stop there. The night got rather creepy as it went on as well. At one point when Joe was talking about soldiers breathing toxic smoke from burn pits, Nancy Pelosi got a rather ghoulish grin while adjusting her dentures, and rose up like a phantom rubbing her fists together. That side show has yet to be explained.

The best though, was saved for last. After the obligatory God bless the troops, he blurted out “Go Get Him”! Leaving many wondering what the heck did that mean? Get who?, Heads swiveled to see who it was Joe was referring to. Some jumped to the conclusion he was putting out a hit on Putin, others were not sure, some thought maybe it was a message at the end of the speech to the people and his handlers around him to, GO GET HIM!! (meaning Joe) Off the stage before he says anything moronic. After all, he has in the past read the instructions meant for him only (turn and walk away, or leave now) out loud.

So in conclusion, we as Americans are left confused on exactly what our president was trying to convey. Are we to pick up the mantle of Donald Trump and support 45 or continue to try to decipher Joe Biden’s ramblings. No one has said. The direction is unclear.

Joe Biden has seen the horrendous polls. The American people are weary of this whiplash. They want their lives back, they want the freedom to live as they please and take care of their families. Raise their kids in their preferred faith, and be left alone. They want a leader who cares more about this country and it's residents, first and foremost. Whoever promotes and endorses Freedom and Liberty for all, will ultimately get the vote.

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