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Joining The Dance

Hello Gang! Our developers are working hard and round the clock to get Waltz completely up and running. All your contributions and posts have been so helpful. This will be such a great Social Media site for you and your friends. A meeting place where you can say what you want, form discussions and interactions. You will be the civilian journalists, giving news you have heard, comics that make you laugh, and events that will happening, or just your option.

We need a few more posts to get this prototype complete. Please share the Waltz site with your friends and family and ask that they each post 20 times. I know that sounds crazy, but our developers know what they are doing when they ask that.

Remember, even when you sign up, all posts are anonymous. We do not track you or your friends. When you enter the dance floor and click on a Waltz you are dancing. Don't forget, we value your posts and your comments. If there is something you would like, let us know. Freedom of speech is your voice. We can all benefit from different views.

See you on the dance floor !!!

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