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The Heroes of This Country

As the country enters it’s 14th day of the 15 days to stop the spread of Covid19, Americans have so far seemed to fair rather well within their own circles. Outside of the shameless hold up of the relief bill for pork porn, they are at last starting to feel that some financial anxiety has been lowered. It is so very sad to see that when faced with a crisis, our DC leaders choose to take advantage of the American people and shove stuff into a relief bill that has absolutely nothing to do with helping the average American with their financial fears or do anything to quash a virus. It should not be a surprise as to why Congress rates right around a root canal or slamming your hand in a car door with the American people. But what is heartening is the way average Americans have jumped in to help. They have proven to be more responsive and responsible than the self serving imbeciles in government. The American people are the heroes in this scenario. While Nancy Peolosi is lobbing hand grenades at the president and touting her “Jiu Jitsu” political prowess, and others in government have broken arms from patting themselves on the back, the American people stepped up to the plate.

The American people have made sacrifices way beyond what those in government have or ever will. Americans gave up their livelihood and restricted their movements in order to serve and help their country. They cheered on the medical community, they thanked a grocery store worker, they sent books of crossword puzzles to senior facilities. They offered prayers for their country. They picked up extra truck loads and drove cross country to get goods delivered. They worked 15 hour shifts in a hospital to fill the void and save lives. They ordered takeout to help keep local small businesses going. The American people in their own way, stepped onto the battlefield for the sake of themselves and others. They have even managed to keep their sense of humor.

The American people didn’t think once about the importance of Kennedy Arts Center, or same day voter registration, or whether or not a company would start diversity employment practices, or sun screen development. When faced with a crisis, the average American’s focus is the situation in front of them. There will be lots of time for non essential ideology after the government proclaimed non essential jobs are back on tract and the country is out of the medical danger field.

Every American was faced with their biggest nightmare. Their physical health and their financial health. Loosing lives and livelihoods. The two scariest scenarios. And yet, because the average American is filled with resolve, faith and strength, they pulled it off. They joined together and as an Army of 1000’s, they did what they could, where they could, for whomever they could.

And although we are not out of this yet, we the American people, know, that with the Grace of God and our fellow Americans, we will once again be resolute and be the prevailing force of this country. We might have a new set of morals, a new sense of what is and is not important. We will have learned how to entertain ourselves, rather than be entertained. We will once again know the importance of God, family and country. We will be quicker with a smile to a stranger passing by. Music will sound sweeter and food will taste better. We may even dance like no one is watching. We will still be political and have our political differences, because that is also part of our DNA. But we the American people will always be our own collective hero’s. Take a moment and congratulate yourselves. You deserve it. You are the essential ones keeping this country going.

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