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The New Young Patriots

Well the first Democratic debate is less than 2 weeks away. Many in our country are still trying to figure out what, if anything the Democrats stand for. One thing we do know is, they hate President Trump. Unfortunately that is probably not enough to win the election. Especially given the great economy and lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, tax cuts for many Americans, 401K finally making money and a very hot stock market.

You have Democrats like Mayor Pete saying “America was never as great as advertised” What????? America Is great and has always been the envy of the world. Why do you think millions are risking their lives to come here? If it wasn’t as great as advertised, we probably wouldn’t have the current immigration crisis. How can you have a low opinion of your country and its people and expect to be given the highest seat in its government? Bernie Sanders on the other hand just thinks the entire concept of a represented republic is ludicrous and thinks the government should take control of everything and everyone, abandon our principles and become a Socialist Country. Thats a real power grab.

What these candidates fail to realize is, is that most Americans love this country. They also like the idea that they have the liberty to make choices for their own lives and families. They themselves have the pride of their own achievements. To insult them, and denigrate them is probably not the best strategy. People do not respond to insults, they would much rather be complimented and hear positive words. Negativity is simply not a motivator. And when you refer to their president and anyone who supports him as racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and a host of other contemptuous names, well then you insult half the country. Who wants a president that insults them?

But there is a new ground swell of young patriots speaking out against all that. These are young men and women who love their country, its people and the constitution that provides freedoms and liberties for ALL Americans. Young people like, Charlie Kirk, Candice Owens, Brandon Straka, Lawrence Jones, and many young college people who are standing up for this great country and our president. There are people like Scott Presler (the Persistence) who has for over 2 years not only praised our president, but has gone around the country ( at his own expense ) to sign up new republican voters. These young people wear MAGA hats, are proud of their country and the flag, they get insults and objects hurled at them and yet are not intimidated. They believe in this country and it’s greatness and believe President Trump is working on behalf of all Americans.

This new generation of patriots want to see this great country succeed and our constitution preserved. They have respect and reverence for those who have given so much and appreciation for a president that takes hits on a daily basis because they see the positive results that effect everyone, not just a select chosen few. They are actively working to insure his re election in 2020.

So as you listen to these democrat “hopefulls” continue their mantra of negativity, and hateful words towards 1/2 of the American population, remember, there is a young generation that is proud of this great country and dedicated to preserving the liberties that we all enjoy. That see the accomplishments of this president and want to see them continue. A young set of voices that have a positive message for a country they are grateful for and thankful to be the beneficiaries of all this country has to offer.

We are honored and proud that these young patriots are forging ahead to help to insure Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for future generations. God bless these young patriots and God Bless this Great Country.

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