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We The People Want To Know

As the situation in Ukraine gets more tense by the hour, the questions of people multiply as well. The emotional question is, why are we not stopping this? The gut wrenching images of civilians and children fleeing with just the bare essentials of their lives, is heart breaking. The smoldering buildings and ruinous dilapidation of century old buildings is a kick in the gut. Some people are confused about what our role is or should be. We know we made a promise to Ukraine, if they gave up their nuclear weapons, we would have their back if Russia ever decided to attack them. Are we fulfilling that commitment? If we are, how? What was the extent of that promise? Exactly what did it entail? What does, the United States will protect, mean exactly? The American people have a right to know.

Neither President Biden or anyone in his administration has spelled that out for the American people. We understand Article 5 provocations, but the dangers of doing certain things should be explained so that all Americans understand. Instead of little blurbs and sound clips here and there, President Biden should address the nation, explain, calm fears etc. Express to the people that he understands the emotional response , we are a caring people and so that emotional response is very real and very understandable. But also he has to explain the dangers in a national security stance as well. Press conferences during the day with Jen Psaki and others doesn’t cut it.

Tell the American people in a sympathetic, and strong leader way, the pros and cons and the ramifications of both, as they pertain the United States.

After he does that, he should also explain to people of this country why he chooses to buy oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, et al of the Opec nations and most especially Iran, instead of producing it from Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Colorado, Alaska et all. Just a year ago we were energy independent, why are we not now. Why are we depending on other nations for our security and energy independence . Why not open up every energy producing state? Many Americans would be put back to work, It would make us energy independent, and it would assist the European nations. Joe Biden needs to explain to the American people why he refuses to lend that assistance to the American people and their families.

As the prices of gasoline, heating, food prices, clothing, and everything in our daily lives costs more on a daily basis, an explanation would be nice right about now. It would be great to explain to the American people why that is happening and why they are bearing the financial brunt of his decisions. Many in congress, in the news media, former administrations, military experts, and we the people do not have this explanation. No one seems to have the answer of why Joe Biden refuses to open up our nations natural energy resources. Why is he assisting the energy production in other countries and not here in this country. The no pain no gain crap is not an adequate explanation. Explain to the American people why, while exploring green energy and reducing our dependence on oil, he insist we live as though we have already reached that goal. Explain it!!! Because no one else has been able to.

This is not a lot to ask of the President of this country. As we watch in horror the assault on Ukraine and the suffering of that country, it does not minimize the effects we at home are feeling. We can care about Ukraine and ourselves and families at the same time. One does not have to take precedence of the other. We can do both. We can be both grateful that we live in this great nation, and demand better from our leaders in the same thought and still have empathy for other nations. President Biden, step up to the plate! Be a leader! Alleviate fears, concerns and questions that the American people have. It’s your job! Do it!

We know how fragile liberty and freedom is. Convince us you do as well.

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