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Welcome to

Waltzing America


As most people will admit, politics is simply a dance.

Some are better at it than others.  Our dance, is our voice, Your voice.

We are trying something new in the social media space.

We believe in Free Speech.  All speech. When something being said makes you uncomfortable, the remedy is not censorship or silence, it is

More Speech.

Communication is critical in a civil society.  We wanted to promote a site that allows for all to voice their ideas, opinions, views, solutions, and suggestions. And to stop the Mob, we decided to make it anonymous.  So step onto the dance floor.  Don’t be afraid,

You can dance like no one is watching.  We don’t track you and we don’t judge.  You may of course sign up and join our email list, and we encourage you to do that, but when you step onto the dance floor, your name is Anonymous.

If you are having trouble posting, please ask us. There is a box provided just for your comments and suggestions.

The music is gearing up, please join us in this exciting dance of views.

Ask your friends to hit the dance floor as well.

Start Waltzing!

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