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Listen how the 1.5 Trillion 2741-page Omnibus was passed at 2:30 AM with NO notification prior to Midnight, then only to Dems



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It would not be a stretch to say that 90% of Americans are feeling uneasy right now. Even if they didn’t pay attention to politics, they pay attention to the things that effect their lives and their wallets. Every time they go to pump, they feel it. They absolutely know that last year it cost them $39 to fill their small SUV tank, and now it cost $50. They know instead of spending $250 at the grocery store, they are spending $50 to $80 more each week. They know this, they feel it. No amount of spin is going to convince them that their fuel, food and basic necessities are sustainable. You just can’t . And no amount of guilting them about the people suffering in Ukraine or Putin is a big bad meany will either. When you hit people in the old hip national, They Know It. You know the thing, Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. And if you continue to treat them as though they are stupid and try to BS them, they will revolt. An election is coming, and they will absolutely revolt at the polls. And who do think they are going to blame for all this? Joe Biden and his gang of out of touch bandits. When they hear pundits on TV saying ‘this is Putins Gas War’ or ‘people just don’t understand, this is not the presidents fault’, they don’t care!!!! Maybe, and that is a BIG maybe, this is not Joe Biden’s fault. Again, they don’t care, they want Joe Biden to fix it. It’s that simple.

But it actually is Joe Biden’s fault. The day Joe Biden took office, he launched an attack on the American people without them knowing it. He destroyed the oil business with the stroke of a pen. Energy is the single most important thing when it comes to national security and living a comfortable life. Trump knew this, he even tried to warn other countries. But somehow, some little girl in Sweden yelled at them and they all shrank. OOOOOOO, some teenager with long braids in Stockholm just pointed her finger at us and yelled ‘how dare you’! We better regroup on that energy thing. As Germany and other countries as well as the United States ushered in the Green New Deal because they thought they had been shamed, the nasty actors chuckled and moved in. Is it a conspiracy theory to think that Russia, China and other countries or perhaps some in ours, may have had a hand in “The Green New Deal”.? Because they certainly benefit by it.

This is not to say that there is not a place for Green energy. Everyone would like a cleaner, greener world. There are places where windmills, solar etc fit into the equation. But to just pull the plug when we aren’t there yet is simply moronic. You can’t get rid of something before you have the replacement ready. It’s like quitting your job before you have another lined up. It’s just pure stupidity. Could you imagine coming home and announcing to your spouse “I just quit my job today”. The next question would be, “where are you going to earn an income?” You’d get a swift kick in the butt if you responded, “I’ll have one in a few years”. Yeah, well the kids are hungry tonight idiot. You can develop alternate energy sources and still function with oil while you are doing that. The old Don’t put all your eggs in one basket applies here.

To insist people go along with your ideas by making it financially impossible for them exist in any comfortable manner is devious and cruel. Forced conformity by making life uncomfortable and stressful with only one alternative, is not a good policy. Did Joe Biden really think if he made it impossible for people to heat their homes or fuel their cars to get to work, that they would just abandon their automobiles and rush out to buy an electric car? What planet is this administration on?

Don’t think this is the last demand coming your way. There are many more lined up. In order to accomplish these, Joe Biden has to completely upend this country. And like a dog on chain, that you remove one link at a time, until suddenly he finds himself next to the pole and can’t even turn around, you won’t know what freedoms you actually gave up, until they are non existent.
Tyranny is gradual. Sometimes you don’t realize it’s happening, until you realize, It Happened.

Freedom is fragile, and if you forget that, you have already lost it.

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