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We believe in free speech.  Anyone should be able to think and talk about whatever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want.

We do not, however, have the right to harm the innocent.  As such, we have included this report button which is to be used by our community to flag obscene content.  Child Pornography, torture, and killing have no place in civil discourse.  While we encourage you to discuss whether or not these activities are justified, displays of such harm will not be condoned.  SPEAK about it, if you must, but do not share videos or images.  Be vigilant, report, and our team will review and take appropriate action.  All reports are anonymous.



Why is it that the American public are so resistant to following the mask mandates? The left is so astonished that the American people simply will not comply with their edicts. With fists clenched and disdain spewing, they are insulted that the American people are disobeying them. How dare you disobey!!! Follow the Science !!!! Do as we say!!! We know best!!! You aren't intelligent enough to know the complexities of all this. You don't have the wherewithal to figure this stuff out. It is beyond your comprehension. We have been clear on this!!!!!!

The Great Oz Has Spoken!!!!!!!

Well, a major reason people don't take them seriously is because they themselves don't take their orders seriously. If they did, they would abide by them. The best way to convince someone is to show by example. Orders are given to stay home, mask up, stay 6 feet apart. Don't go to weddings, don't attend funerals, don't go for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with family or friends. Kids can't go to school and when they do, they must wear a mask the entire time, even outside in the fresh air. Should they want to go to band practice, they are forced to go inside some idiotic looking plastic box that looks like a port-a-potty and try to blow a horn through a mask with a hole in it. They, like the rest of America, must stay isolated. And if you do not follow this insanity and play along, you are chastised, ridiculed, ostracized and banished from polite society. The ridiculousness of all of this insanity is now not lost on the average American.

The more convincing message that the "leaders", the powerful elite, are sending is by their actions.
We have all seen the pictures of them in restaurants, hair salons, ball games, swanky birthday bashes,weddings, etc. without a mask. Torturing children to wear snot soaked masks for 6 hours and pose for a picture with you with a big grin on your face is not only distasteful and hypocritical, it just demonstrates what bad judgement you have, therefore convincing others you have no business making larger impactful decisions. Another insult, having a $20,000 a plate fundraiser dinner, not wearing a mask, and yet have all the plebeian servers mask up before they deliver your food and drink. It is either the height of hubris or the epitome of stupidity.

Why would anyone believe there is such a threat of illness or possible death, if you yourself don't appear to believe it or be afraid of it? If it were so scary, wouldn't you be taking every precaution to protect yourself? Because after all, no one is more important and worthy of protection than the powerful elite. And yet, the fear blabbing and demands for obedience continue. Louder and more forceful.

People believe what they see more than what they hear. You know the thing, Actions speak louder than words. They actually do. Could you imagine a physician telling you the dangers of eating bread as he takes a big bite out of a bologna sandwich? You'd think he was either deliberately lying to you, incorrect on the facts and data, or just a bad doctor giving bad advise. Which ever it is, you would ignore him.

After 2 years of businesses going under, loosing jobs, denying of personal socializing and just plain condescension and disdainful carnage, the American people have just about had it up to their collective eyeballs. They are now demanding an end to the insanity and want answers from their "leaders". Especially when it comes to their children. Parents are willing to sacrifice a lot, but don't sacrifice their children. 2 years later, have any real studies been done on the effects of these "for you own good" rules and regulations. What damage has been caused? What damage is recoverable and what is permanent ? Have they done any assessments on the harmful effects all this lunacy has visited on our children? Scholastically, they may be able to recover, but the social, psychological and physiological detriments, who knows. We know they have difficulty learning how to navigate through disagreements with their piers, they have problems understanding social nuances, recognizing the meaning of a smile or perhaps a frown of disappointment. What effect has an eight hour mask day done to the development of their teeth and oral hygiene? Has anyone even bothered to ask? Or consulted a dentist? How sad that in their quest for power and control the "leaders" have sacrificed the very people they profess to protect. It's about the "children".
"The Children"

All the people they were so intent on controlling, they have in fact had the opposite effect. People are less compliant and more defiant. If one were to write a lesson plan on how to demolish trust, this is what you would have done. It is a step by step guide on how to accomplish total mistrust and loose all credibility. They went too far. As always, they just don't know when to stop.

However, on the bright side, this inadvertently was the kick in the butt the American people needed to wake up, smell the coffee, and start thinking on their own and making decisions that suit them best in their personal lives. The American people have ceased to be sheep. The power push has shifted. The powerful elite during their masquerade parties, and intoxicating power joy ride, have just awakened the sleeping giant. Namely,

The American People


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The Aftermath Of Covid
There is no doubt Covid 19 has left a destructive mess in this country. Aside from the many deaths resulting from contracting the virus, it has stolen the lives of many more. The suicide rate went up to a level we have not seen in decades. Either as a result of isolation, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of family and or friends, or loss of community. Nursing homes and the elderly as we know were especially hit hard. They were locked in their rooms with very little human contact. No family, no friends within the facility, no stimulation. Those who took outdoor walks, or perhaps attended an activity, or attended church services, or went to their relatives homes on a Sunday for dinner and family, all came to a screeching halt. This lack of stimulation and human contact, coupled with fear and confusion, led to a progression of dementia and a physical atrophy. And many died alone, sad, confused and feeling abandoned. That sadness should hit all of us hard.
Many on the outside who may have suffered financial hardships, looked to the church and their communities for comfort and support. They were denied this. Many people who are otherwise introverts, attend church as a sense of belonging. They feel that even though they do not engage in many social activities or gatherings, the church fills that void of isolation and loneliness. Although it may only be for one day on a Sunday, sometimes it is just the prescription they need to take them through the week. Alcoholics, drug attics, gamblers, etc many times search out spiritual groups as a form of support and comfort. It helps to believe in a higher power, something bigger than themselves, and their problems. Seek and ye shall find. And be comforted.
Our constitution provides for us as American citizens and humans, to assemble as we choose. And yet, governors and mayors proclaimed that as unlawful assemblies. As the months worn on and the isolation continued, we watched as protestors and riots broke out in our streets across the country. Businesses were burned, looted, cities left in ruins, with no reaction from those same officials who imposed imprisonment laws on the masses. And so the deaths continued, not from the virus itself, but as a result of the forced isolation. Many Christians across this country held prayer meetings in their homes, undetected. The invitations were extended covertly so as not to arouse possible violations. How tragic that in a free country, Christians would have to operate as an illicit industry. Reduced to the early 1920’s Prohibition years, conducting church in a speak easy fashion. Those who attempted services in a parking lot or worse yet dared to sing songs of praise to God were arrested and taken to jail. While broadcasted on the nightly news were thousands of rioters burning private property and even killing police officers, free from the injurious consequences of lessor actions such as church service or funerals.
In the aftermath of this pandemic, a pandemic of much greater proportions than originally predicted, we need to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned, what positive takeaway do we have, what good can we produce going forward. And most of all, how do we secure our freedom and liberty, given to us not just through our constitution, but from God. I heard a pastor recently say that we all must Shuwb, the jewish word for return. Return to God. It inspired me to do exactly that. Perhaps we all should. Shuwb to God, turn our questions and love to Him. Shuwb to our roots as Americans, live our lives in freedom, with the liberty to do so. I have often said that the Bible is my go to book. We look to it for guidance in our daily lives as Christians. Our Constitution is our go to document on how to conduct ourselves as Americans. We are blessed that we live in a country that allows us religious freedom, we would be wise not to take that for granted.

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And you thought it was just a1973 Eddie Kendricks song. Nope, not any more. But just as the song suggests," Diesel powered, straight to you....for your love, through sleet and snow," the truckers in Canada stay strong. Their love, you ask, Freedom!!
We've seen this type of movement before from truckers. Actually a year after this song was released. In 1974 the truckers went to Washington. They were galvanized then, and they are even more so in 2022. This time, they are united in more than what just effects them, but of all people. The freedom of choice. They represent so many people who have for the last 2 years, felt helpless in having control over their own lives and decisions.
Much to the government and the media's chagrin, most people are in favor of the Truckers and their tenacity. They may not agree completely with shutting down roadways, or causing the inconvenience, but make no mistake, they support them. Secretly cheering them on in unity with them and sounding a message loud and clear. People want their lives back, the lives the government had no right to take from them. The infringement has gone on too long.

For two years, the government has destroyed small businesses, ruined lives, harmed children, put masses of people out of work, insisted they cover their faces and inject their bodies, all the while being unaffected at all. Most decent people were willing to sacrifice for a short amount of time for the greater good of mankind. ( If we are even permitted to use that noun anymore ) But, people have now reached their toleration limit. They are done. But don't know how or what to do about it. And then, almost by telepathic summons, the truckers appeared on site.
Whoa!!!! These guys are taking a stance. And in a big disruptive, in your face, pay attention way. This "movement" is spreading. There is no actual movement, as things have come to a standstill, but spreading in numbers it is. There is solidarity not just among the truckers, but also from people who have been directed to remove the truckers. Tow truck drivers have declined to assist in removing them, average people have stepped in to bring gas, food, etc. and 1000's of people have donated money to the cause.

Why would people do that for truckers, people they don't know? Reason, because it's not just about the truckers, it's about all of us and Freedom for all. 2 years ago people viewed truckers as heroes. They were essential, they brought us what we ourselves could not get or do for ourselves . Now people view them as champions. Average people, just like themselves, standing up for freedom, taking up challenge for all of us. Doing what we cannot do.
Of course, you have the elites referring to them as "racist" ( the go to word) and you have other media morons suggesting that they slash their tires, empty their gas tanks, arrest the truckers and remove the trucks. Exactly how to do you remove a big rig? Do you call 1800-MoveTwinScrews?
Are they a local company? And wouldn't they use a big rig and truckers to do it?
We will watch this play out. Where this ends is anyone's call. But in the meantime,
Keep Freedom Moving, and Keep On Truckin'

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