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If you find this content harmful please report and out team will review it.

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We believe in free speech.  Anyone should be able to think and talk about whatever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want.

We do not, however, have the right to harm the innocent.  As such, we have included this report button which is to be used by our community to flag obscene content.  Child Pornography, torture, and killing have no place in civil discourse.  While we encourage you to discuss whether or not these activities are justified, displays of such harm will not be condoned.  SPEAK about it, if you must, but do not share videos or images.  Be vigilant, report, and our team will review and take appropriate action.  All reports are anonymous.


Control is the ultimate weapon when those who thirst for more power seek to control a large swath of a population. By establishing the control rules and gaining Media acceptance to promote it and not challenge it we get to where we are today.

However, as we all saw in the NFL Playoffs and worse in the Super Bowl this year not quite the same rules for those in influence and power and our beloved Media? Well they just stared and did nothing.


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Hello Gang!
The Liberty Quill wants to thank everyone participating in our new adventure to reshape Social Media. Although all posts are anonymous, we see the content are so happy you have decided to engage and dance with us in this new type of ballroom.
We know it's a big ask to do 20 posts each, but the Liberty Gang believes in Freedom of speech and they do all they can to preserve it.

As the challenges of maintaining free speech in our country sometimes feels a bit daunting, we still push on to preserve. It's not easy creating a decentralized platform, it's also a bit daunting, but with your help, we will get there. No one wants to be constrained to rules and regulations set by Mobs. We are changing the structure so people won't form mobs. We are embarking on changing the way people interact and make it more of a public owned definition. I know, sounds a bit convoluted, but when you join Social Media sites, they now own you. They determine what you can and cannot say, hear, ask or discuss. If you do not stay within the confines of what they determine, then you are silenced. That is not America, it is not Freedom Of Speech.

Right now we do not track or monitor you and we never will. It is completely anonymous. Even if you have signed up and joined, ( which we encourage you and your friends to do ) when you post, it is anonymous. AHHHHHH freedom to say what you wish. No mobs coming after you, no cancelling, just a place to say what you want or post valuable information for others with complete freedom.

Again, thank you, thank you, for all your many posts and pushing through with us. We appreciate you time and efforts. 20 posts each is the goal. Of course you can certainly post more. !!! We recognize there will be some struggles and bumps with this new user experience but appreciate you sticking with it and welcome your input.

Our 1st Amendment is not a suggestion, it our right. If people do not take the time and effort to maintain it, then it is lost to all of us. Think of yourselves as the conservationist of Freedom and pat yourselves on the back for your contribution. When freedom of speech is still intact, you can believe you were a big part of accomplishing that.

You will notice the top tab has been replaced with WALTZ. We are all dancing this together. So if we're gonna dance, Let's do it! See you on the dance floor.

Freedom and Liberty For All

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Political activist Ben Garrison has built a library of amazing statements through his very effective artwork. There are times when he goes far-right but right now he is firing on all cylinders to get the message of Control and Power out to the public. It's a shame that more journalists have not taken on the challenge of investigating the out-of-control runaway administration. Time will tell how the mid-terms of 2022 will be impacted by all of this.

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