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If you find this content harmful please report and out team will review it.

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We believe in free speech.  Anyone should be able to think and talk about whatever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want.

We do not, however, have the right to harm the innocent.  As such, we have included this report button which is to be used by our community to flag obscene content.  Child Pornography, torture, and killing have no place in civil discourse.  While we encourage you to discuss whether or not these activities are justified, displays of such harm will not be condoned.  SPEAK about it, if you must, but do not share videos or images.  Be vigilant, report, and our team will review and take appropriate action.  All reports are anonymous.


Joe Biden has encouraged this behavior from Trudeau because he and his cronies want this same power. They believe in a controlled people and they will use force if they have to.


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If each of the free societies exercises their voting rights then perhaps the situation is either reversible to acceptable. The world is changing right before our eyes. Many will argue that our freedoms are at risk and I'm one of them. But I have to also say if the voting is leaning towards a controlled society then the minority will have a real issue going forward.

The Biden administration is not controlled by the office of the President. That is obvious. There are pockets of power-hungry individuals who have a shot at something that can be reversed by the mid-terms. There has never been a more important vote than the 2022 mid-terms and the parties all know this.

Where is the voice of the Independents during all of this? Did they just give up due to their lack of leverage in the general sense of things? I believe they are key to one direction or the other although the GOP appears ready to show up this year and vote.

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