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If you find this content harmful please report and out team will review it.

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We believe in free speech.  Anyone should be able to think and talk about whatever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want.

We do not, however, have the right to harm the innocent.  As such, we have included this report button which is to be used by our community to flag obscene content.  Child Pornography, torture, and killing have no place in civil discourse.  While we encourage you to discuss whether or not these activities are justified, displays of such harm will not be condoned.  SPEAK about it, if you must, but do not share videos or images.  Be vigilant, report, and our team will review and take appropriate action.  All reports are anonymous.


This administration is hell bent on crowd control. Turning us into frightened, masked, faceless avatars. Mass conformity seems to be the goal. The general public will receive sparse information, narratives, directions, rules with a large dose of fear. All done in a subtle manner so you don't realize it's happening. The faceless need to sit up and pay close attention.


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Forced conformity is the Goal. It has now ratcheted up to a more desperate degree. And being done in plain site. Fear is the major weapon being used on all. But it is not done yet. There is more more pain to come

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