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America’s Stand

It is no secret there are people who want to destroy this country. Burn it (literally to the ground). This scorched earth approach has been going on for a while, but now they have lit the flames. Back in May, The New York Post had a headline on the front page ‘It Needs To End Now’. People were also starting to think that with a 98% survival rate of Covid 19 that the government was using the virus as a way of controlling people. No one stopped to think there may be something bigger going on. Because fear is a great motivator. If they can keep the people afraid, they can control them. But they did not consider desperation and the peoples will to protect and survive. When people are desperate, they act. The virus created its own pandemic.

Then there was the tragic death of George Floyd that launched this country into chaos. People across this country were unanimous in their repulsion of the actions of this police officer. For the first time in 3 years, everyone in America was in complete agreement, united. They forgot about the Virus, the loss of businesses, the financial crisis, and came in unity to denounce this behavior. They would not stand for this or the blemish that would result from it. But those who wish to destroy this country, the power mongers, seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity, acted swiftly to snag the moment. People were getting restless and also skeptical of the Covid 19 and it’s no sense rules and regulations associated with it. They were beginning to think for themselves and support was slipping away. The mongers were loosing their grip. But this murder, now this, this is what they were waiting for. They were salivating at the prospect of what this presented for them. They quickly pulled out the entire arsenal. Racism, slavery, identity, elitism, white privilege, every grievance in the play book. They donned their masks, printed their placards, and gathered up hate. No social distancing required. Take to the streets. It’s s your first amendment right to peaceful protest!!! March !! March!!! March!!! And as the lemmings rushed headlong into destruction, people sat in horror as they watched buildings burn, businesses that had barely survived the shutdown, now torched, looted and destroyed for good. The fear crept back in and people were now vulnerable to intimidation and control. Dare to disagree, we will burn your business. We will march down your street and threaten you, your family or anyone who stands in our way. Statues toppled, cars burned, police attacked, all in the name of social justice. The media apparatus went to work exalting these crusaders elevating them to the point of nobility and deeming anyone who challenged them as racists and bigots. The war was on.

But they still needed a villain. Police were a good start, but they needed something important to the plot. THE COUNTRY!!! The country is the real villain. And all who stand for it. Soon you had elected officials turning their backs on the average citizen. No longer would they be respected, protected, or considered. The fear that they and all they hold dear could be wiped out in a nano second by their thugs should be sufficient to quell them. And for a bit, that worked. But then, the American People rose up. They began to speak out, to become the insurgents. They would resist the demolition of their country. They stood in front of statues, they purchased firearms, some for the first time, they started flooding social media with support for the police. They rejected anyone who told them this country was bad or inherently evil. The American people are starting to stand again. And they will stand tall in the face of adversity, to the thugs that want to destroy this nation. The silent majority will in fact, reclaim this Grand Nation. Because although they recognize the past mistakes, they learn from them so as not to repeat them and they insist on cultivating the virtues. The American people know they are the curators of this nation and they will Stand in unison and accept that responsibility. The most important thing America has produced, is it’s people. It is the people, not politicians or media, or charlatans that proclaim to have their best interests at heart. It is the people. The heart and soul of America. The people will Stand. The people believe in Liberty, in Freedom and in this great country. They will not take a knee. The real heros of this country will Stand in protection and pride and they will salute their flag and sing their anthem. They will preserve this nation for the next generation.

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