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So how many parents want their 6 year old kids hearing this from the 20 something year old teacher who’s job is to teach Reading, math, science and geography? Not many I would venture to guess. You would have to walk far and wide to find a parent who would relinquish their right to instruct their children about the facts of life. You would also have to ask yourself what teacher wants to discuss sex, of any kind with a 6 year old?

Religion, sex, morals and values are reserved for the parent. Parents get to decide what, when and how their children learn these. It is not, again repeat, not the job of a teacher. Parents know their children, they know when they are able to absorb information, and it’s their call, no one else’s.

The parents I know would flip out if their 6 year old came home and told them that their teacher had a conversation with them today about sex. About how some boys like other boys/girls and some girls/boys like other girls and some boys and girls aren’t sure which they are. The parent would launch a lawsuit against the teacher and the school for sexual harassment of their child. And rightfully so. I can say with absolute sincerity, my mother would have been up their so fast the school would have thought my mother was ghost that just smoked out of the wall.

Here is the other problem with someone talking to kids about gender dysphoria, gender reassignment and identification without parental consent or involvement. A 6 year old doesn’t understand any of this at that age, so because they are so young and impressionable, they can’t exercise any critical or logical thinking regarding it. They just are simply to young to digest it. So if their teacher tells them that it’s okay for little boys/girls to touch other little boys/girls and demonstrate this normal for some, they at their young age cannot differentiate between that and the pedophile down the street that wants to touch them. Or the demented uncle/friend in their family. Now these people don’t need to tell the kid, don’t tell anyone, because some teacher just told them it’s okay, there is no reason for that child to be alarmed or feel violated. So if the child is sexually abused, they won’t see it as abuse or wrong, because their teacher told them it’s okay.

After 2 years of messing up our kids lives during Covid, you would think these wacko’s have had enough of getting their jollies, but nope, they aren’t done yet. They won’t be happy until our kids are totally screwed up and therefore completely under their control. It’s a sick and demented way of grabbing power when you do it at the expense of the innocent.

But make no mistake, November will be the rude awakening. November will be the primary of parental outrage. You can pretty much mess with adults and cause them discomfort and they will roll over a bit or figure out a way to do a work around, but mess with their kids and all bets are off. But as with all things with the far left and the progressives, they just don’t know when to stop. They just can't help themselves. However, this time, they just may have gone too far, and will see the results in November. Parents are bigger than the big plans they have for our kids. Parents will not take this lying down.

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