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Can I Get A Witness

Have you ever gone to one of those restaurants that have the murder mystery night? It’s rather interesting. A bunch of people, many who don’t know each other, gather and are given clues and try to figure out who did what. The main goal is to finger the guy or gal who committed the crime. Now generally, you are told what the crime is and the clues follow. I have never attended one of these where the punishment is determined and we have to not only look for the clues, but also come up with a crime to fit what evidence we think we have to carry out this punishment.

That’s pretty much what’s going on in Washington right now with this impeachment thing. We have been given many “witnesses” that for the most part, have really not witnessed anything. They, like us, have heard things, but do not have a direct account. Now here is real the mystery. We don’t know what the crime is. The two people that we have been told involved in the crime, tell us no crime was committed. So that’s a real dilema, since we have a punishment all set to go. Some people at the table are a bit skeptical, and need to be convinced. Actually half the people at the table are not convinced and it’s really hard to convince them since the actual “victim” of this crime says no crime was committed and all the witnesses just like hearing themselves talk, but have nothing of value to speak. Good luck getting to dessert on this one.

Nancy Peolosi and her gang have been trying in the most desperate of ways to convince the American people that she and her gang should overturn the votes of 30 states, for our salvation. We have made a horrible horrible mistake, a hugh lapse in judgement and the Democrats alone (truly alone) are the only ones who can rectify it and put this country back on the right path. Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat the same mistake. They need to nip it in the bud, head it off at the pass, derail the train and drive it into the side of the mountain if need be, to prevent this from occurring again. We can absolutely not be trusted with this most precious commodity called voting. It is valued, and should be reserved for those who know so much more than we. We must take them at their word that they are doing this in a prayerful, thoughtful way to protect us and this great country. We should be grateful to watch as with grace and solemnity they remove freedoms, our liberties, our voice. And we should thank them for saving us from ourselves, lest we continue to believe in the myth, that we the people actually get to choose.

After they are done impeaching the president, and reversing our decision, they will attempt to stack the deck and make sure we don’t do something stupid like that again. Getting rid of the Electoral College is next on the agenda. That way, we won’t have to go to polls and cast a vote, we can just sit back and watch as 2 or 3 cities, and all the “know what’s best for us” elites, make the decision for us. I just wonder how many of them will be left after they do that, because without the Electoral College, there will be no need for the Senate, or the House for that matter. But they are banking on us not thinking that far ahead, and neither are they.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian, this should concern you. The tactics and ideas being proposed will destroy this country along with our freedoms and liberties, much more than anything they think President Trump can do.

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