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Wow! Hard to believe we are 3 months from another Presidential Election. Seems we have been re hashing the last one and haven’t had an opportunity to live in the new administration. The Left have been denying the results and insulting the 63 million Americans who voted for this President for the entirety of the last 3 ½ years. This country has 63 million American who feel they have been cheated out of their vote. So their choice is simple. They will just vote for Trump again and see if their vote is honored and respected. They chose the policies of Donald Trump. Conservative judges, pro life issues, immigration issues, financial issues, law and order, love of country and our constitution. The day to day issues of their lives. Many did not even consider foreign policies. Not because they were uncaring, but to many people these things happen in far away sometimes 3rd world countries. They just wanted a chance fo a business man to get in there, perhaps jump start our stagnant economy, create some new jobs, potential retirees just wanted an opportunity to have some life breathed into their 401 K so they could actually retire. As they watched their president being accused of racism, colluding with the Russians, impeached etc they were astonished that with all that going on, he actually delivered on what he had promised. Not only did their 401 K go up, but the unemployment rate went down the lowest in 50 years, There were more jobs than people to fill them, the economy was rocking and rolling and consumer confidence was up. It looked like Trump was well on his way to a second term. So the thought was, at least we will have an additional 4 years of this. This of course terrified the Left that they would actually have Trump an additional 4 more years. Their radical leftest ideas would be put on hold for another 4 years. And they could not figure out how to tank the economy, and bring the country to a screeching halt. And then the pandemic hit.

At first, the country was told to stay home for 14 days to flatten the curve in an effort to not overwhelm our health care system and hospitals. We were told 14 days, no work, stay home. The government would assist us financially with the loss of income. So most Americans felt secure enough, brave enough and selfless enough to do as requested for our fellow countrymen and women. A small patriotic hardship that we believed we could endure and were happy to do. But then, the left saw this as an outstanding opportunity to crush the economy and get rid of Trump once and for all. It was also an excellent opportunity to implement their unpopular, radical ideology while the American people were distracted by a virus that was portrayed as death at your doorstep. The number of people with the virus and those who died as a result were hammered at us daily. The fear was overwhelmiing. And the Left knows, fear is the best motivator. So even as the cases reduced, along with the ratio of deaths declined, it was imperitive to continue the fear and control straight up to November. It was virtually their only chance. 14 days went to 14 more days and 14 more after that. The stay at home orders became more harsh and people started to loose their jobs, loose their businesses. Unemployment benefits were held up, stricter rules were put in place, the squeeze was on. Maximum pain. And just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, George Floyd was killed.

Riots started. Entire city blocks including police stations were set on fire. Night after night cities burned, businesses were torched, looted and mobs of angry anarchist marched up the streets terriorizing anyone who attempted to stop them. Democratice mayors and governors marched in the street along side people during the day, and call it peaceful protesting, and instructed the police to allow violence, and criminal behavior to to go un impeded at night. As people looked on helplessly and saw their cities go up in flames their spirit was broken. This is exactly what the Left needs. Chaos and mayhem. Perfect control of the people. Not only can the people not go to work, they cannot go to church, to funerals, weddings, gatherings of any sort. The Left is taking away everything that makes us human. Everything that puts us together as humans. The ability to worship together, to console the grieving, to celebrate a birth, or wedding. To congregate and share a meal or a cocktail. For our children to go to school and learn social skills. Restrict movement, interaction and the ability to be that which makes us human. This contributes to anxiety and fear. Then take away our basic need to feel safe and protected, by removing our police force and punishing anyone who exercises their 2nd amendment right to have those basis needs met. If you remove what makes us human, what are we left with?

The choice this November could not be any clearer. It is not about Donald Trump anymore. It is about our basis liberties and freedoms. Not the black race, Hispanic, Asian, White race or any other ethnic race. It is about what makes us the human race.

To have the liberty and freedom to choose our destiny, our family, our friends, our livelihoods our government.  As we all know, Marxism, Socialism, and Communism remove those freedoms.  Those liberties of what make us human beings and not servants  of  the elites.  We are free thinking people.  Think about the choice the Left has given you for November.  Hatred of a country and it’s people for political power is frightening. And remember, this November is a clear choice, depending on how you choose, it may very well be the last choice you ever get. Freedom and Liberty for all,  or………?

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