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Choices In The Age Of Trump

What a ride these past few weeks have been. The Democratic Party has had several hurdles. They needed to figure out who would be the best candidate to take out Trump, but first, needed to take out Bernie. Bernie was a bigger threat than Trump. Poor Bernie, he’s getting the shaft again from the DNC. They stood to loose not only the Executive branch, but also the House and would not get the Senate. Now it seems after strong arming most everybody to drop out and put their support behind Biden, Biden was actually able to emerge. This of course was helped by the pitiful performance of Michael Bloomberg. It’s also rather embarrassing that Joe was not able to provoke any excitement when faced with any competition. Problem is, Joe still can’t string 2 sentences together in any cohesive manner, confuses his wife, with his sister, Vermont with New Hampshire and can’t remember the words after We Hold These Truths. O come on man, “you know the thing”. The Declaration of Independence, of course you know. He’s almost like your goofy uncle that comes at Christmas and everyone notices he getting worse with each visit. You won’t let him carve the turkey, but Ya gotta love him.

One can’t help wondering if Biden were to win the general election and become president, just exactly who would be running the country. Certainly not Joe. Joe would of course be the figure head, but who would be calling the shots? It is reminiscent of Hillary as president. No one really thinks she would have been running the country, she would just be the person attending the dinners and entertaining the elites. The Democratic machine, the real power, would be running things. And that is really what it’s all about. Power. Those who have it, cling to it and refuse to let go, and those who desire it, will do just about anything to get it.

Now some think Joe is on his way to sliding into the Oval Office. I would caution not to write Bernie off just yet. You can’t underestimate the power of AOC, Omar and the radicals on the left. They have a strong riled up following, and there will be push back for sure against the establishment. They will not roll over easily this time around. They saw what happened in 2016 and they are prepared this time.

Now Joe has proclaimed that he is going to restore this country to decency and morals. That begs the question, exactly what does he mean by that? He is part of a party that supports not only late term abortion, but post birth abortion. It causes one to ask how moral that is? It also provokes the question of what determines that the Democratic Party has a monopoly on decency and morality? Who determined that? That also implies, that anyone who supports President Trump is not decent and is immoral. Harkens back to the deplorable comment. Seems there is no end to the insults.

This election year will determine more than just a new president. It will determine if we want to go backwards to 2008, if we want to move into socialism, or if we want to continue with our constitution and Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Democrats are taking a page out of Trumps playbook. He was making the stark difference of Socialism and the Constitution. The Dems are now going to try that maneuver with Joe and Bernie. Do you want a socialist, or Uncle Joe and the past.

It’s a critical choice this year. Me personally, I like my freedom, my liberty to do and be who I am. The freedom to make as much money as I can, be as successful as I can and my ability to pursue any happiness I choose.

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