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Climate change

Climate is a condition of what is comfortable. It can be hot, it can be cold. Most people prefer somewhere in the middle. If the temperature is ramped up and it is too hot we scramble to open a window. If it’s too cold, we attempt to bundle up. Do we believe in freedom? Of course we do. What gives us that? Who decides? Do we or our government? Our forefathers had hoped that we the people do, that we can govern ourselves responsibly with limited government. Others feel the government should guide all things, that is only way to have freedom for all. But is it really?

In the 1950’s men went to work and women stayed home. It was an honorable way to live. Men brought home the bacon, and women cooked it. Didn’t seem like such a bad exchange. Men opened doors for women, women called them gentlemen. Children were reared to respect their parents as well as teachers, police anyone older and anyone in authority. As they matured, they were accepted into adult life, and with that came adult responsibilities.

But as I said, the climate has changed. Now women are in the working force, and many actually make more than their husbands. Children are now equal to their parents, their teachers, the police and anyone else. Men are often referred to as toxic, and if you are a white man and earn a large salary, then you are the worst among worst. Many couch this under the name of equality. “We are all equal!” they will say. “income and equality for all!!”

But is that Freedom? Of course we believe that as persons, human beings, made in the image of God, we are all equal. We all have a shot at getting into through the Pearly Gates. But are we equal? Is someone who commits murder equal to one who devotes his life to his fellow man? God has rules. You can’t come in if you have not followed the rules.

The climate has changed there as well. God has been removed from almost every aspect of life. Not taught in schools, not talked about in social circles, almost mocked. Some would actually say we should remove the words “In God We Trust” from our currency. Doesn’t fit the current climate.

But as some strive to make us all equal, they are in essence removing our Freedom. We no longer have the freedom to aspire to greatness, earn more money, develop new innovative ideas. The motivation to aspire to greater heights is removed, and so goes our liberty and freedom. Change in climate? or will the weather change tomorrow?

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