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Emerging From The Covid19 Ruins

Well, here we are 44 days into a national lockdown. Let’s see what we have learned. We have learned that Congress is non essential, which most of America already knew, they have been holed up the entire time. ( Some eating $14 a pint ice cream). We found out the virus is highly contagious, it’s estimated about 80% have been exposed and contracted it. The recovery is about 98%, the death rate is about 0.05%. We learned the media is much more interested in gotcha questions, as opposed to giving the American people accurate information, so they are worthless. We’ve learned that there a lot more stupid people in the country than previously estimated which explains why ladders have about 15 caution labels, soup and coffee cups read “caution hot liquid”, strollers have illustrations of babies with a red circle and line through it as parent attempts to close the stroller up, the caution print on fish cleaner is not large enough, and somehow being outdoors in a park is far more dangerous than any of the health and fitness advocates had told us hence, closing all parks.

We have learned that the cure may in fact be worse than cause. Millions of Americans were thrown into uncertainty, financial crisis, and asked to sacrifice for the good of country. Many were happy to oblige, as patriotic Americans, they have predictably stepped up to the plate. No one expected less of a great people and nation such as ours. But now, 6 weeks later, with more information people are starting to get upset. For many reasons. Although they were willing and happy to protect the most vulnerable among us, they are now starting to feel vulnerable themselves. They have been the unintentional casualties. They may not have lost their lives, but they have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, some their homes, their businesses, their savings, pensions and now hope of rebuilding any of it too soon seems like a pipe dream. Many of the powers that be seem hell bent on keeping the lockdown for as long as possible, most people now believe not for health reasons, but for purely political. Seems progressive governors are gong to keep their states locked down as long as possible to give them ample time to implement progressive measures that were initially rejected by the general public. Many of these governors are intoxicated with their new found power. And it’s dangerous. Many have resorted to installing tip lines to turn in fellow citizens not complying with their draconian laws. We would be smart to remember the intimation practices during the McCarthy era, which led to the McCarran Act, that many believe infringe on the 1st Amendment rights of speech, association and assembly.

New Jersey for example has an unemployment system that is 40 years antiquated. That is the reason the governor has given why New Jersey residents have not collected any unemployment benefits, and as of yesterday, the website pops up with a notice that it is no longer accepting new claims. So 2 things here. 1. New Jersey has neglected and done nothing to update the unemployment system for 40 years, 2. the governor will continue to keep the state locked down preventing Jersians from making a living, while also making it impossible for them to get any relief from the unemployment system. Wow!! Now That is control. Gov. Murphy also in the beginning of April, moved the June 2nd election to July 7. A full 2 1/2 moths away. His clairvoyance of how long the virus will last, or more likely, his intentional plan is to drag this out as long as he can and get as much done in the back round before the good citizens of New Jersey know what happened. He also has not explained to the people of New Jersey why they can go to the grocery store wearing a mask, but they are not permitted to go to any of the parks. Either with or without a mask.

Experts have yet to explain to the American people why it is necessary to stay 6 feet from someone even if you are wearing a mask. They have not explained why if data shows that approximately 85% have been affected, 50% have little to no symptoms, and 98% recover, why this hardship to 100% of the population must continue. They have not explained why we can go into a grocery store, but not a wide open park. Why we can go to Home depot and buy plants and seeds, but not our local mom and pop outdoor nursery. Or why we can pull up to a restaurant and get takeout, but we can’t pull up in our church parking lot and get God’s message. And they have not explained who determined who is essential and who is not. If you dare to ask, you get screamed at, not one life should be lost!!! How many deaths are acceptable to you? So is money more important than someone’s life???? But somehow these screamers are in total acceptance of the government choosing who looses their livelihood and who does not. Or, since all elective surgery came to a screeching halt, this includes heart surgeries, cancer patients etc, why are their lives less valuable? I’d be interested to know the number tallied of elective surgery cancellations that contributed to worsening of the problem or death? Might be a number we’d like to look at.

So the question remains, if after the data coming in has shown that the most vulnerable are predominantly the elderly, why not just have that group stay home and allow the healthy to work and provide for themselves and the country? It begs the question, has an agreed consensus of flattening the curve to prevent further infection, morphed into a political agenda of preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected? It is starting to feel more political than health inspired. You cannot continue to insist the American people be sacrificial lambs so you can achieve your desired results. You cannot continue to suppress people, deny them their freedoms and liberties indefinitely, until you have exhausted all your tactics. They simply will not tolerate it. Scare tactics only work just so long. Do not push the resolve of the American people. It may not be the response you were looking for. They may not like your idea of the New World Order.

People have lost their jobs, their businesses,their sanity, their freedoms and liberties and now they are precipitously close to loosing their patience. Everyone has their toleration limit. Regular Americans nearing that. The powers that be might be wise to consider that, Civil unrest is starting to manifest itself. And the American people should remember the names of the powers that be who continued this.

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