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Hatred Has No Place Here

It is astounding the level of hatred in this country could actually eclipse a day of monumental importance. Al-Baghdadi is dead. A day when our country should be united in a victorious moment, some would choose to massage their hatred. This is not about President Trump, or Republicans vs Democrats, this is about the greatness of the men and women who serve. Who on a daily basis, risk their lives for this great country and those who live here in freedom.

How shameful that some would prefer to stoke the flames of their hatred rather than praise our military for a job well done. To attempt to diminish or minimize the significance of this mission, is to diminish the special ops force that performed it. This may very well be the greatest accomplishment of their career, and instead of praising them and being grateful, some choose to deny them the accolades they so truly deserve and yet would never ask for them. It is the height of selfishness and self indulgence to deny them this gratitude and recognition in exchange for elevating your own hatred.

You don’t have to like president Trump. But to allow your hatred of him to take away from our special ops force and a mission accomplished is disgraceful and arrogant. Those who seek to do that might want to re-evaluate their priorities. That level of hatred must be so debilitating. Step down from your haughtiness and say a big old thank you to those who carried out a successful mission and continue to keep you and your family and this country safe. You have the luxury of your hatred because of their commitment to insuring your liberties.

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