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History and Histrionics

As the circus came to town this week, Joe Scarboro said he hoped no one watched the Democratic debates Wednesday and Thursday. Much to his chagrin, many did. Probably more tuned in than in 2016. This is the first time the Democrats were actually honest. They showed everyone what they are about. And good for us! We needed to know exactly where they stand on important issues. But instead of Presidential candidates, the stage was lined with left wing activists. Unfortuneately, it was akin to a flame throwing contest.

The circus started out looking like it would be a masterful show. It quickly went to what Rich Zeoli so aptly described it as bi-lingual pandering, which had some people looking down at the bottom of their TV screen for the translation, followed quickly by chaotic interrupting and talking over each other. There was of course the standard racial narrative, which no Democratic Debate can be without, Cory Booker made sure of that, but not to be out racist’d, Kamala Harris launched an incredible attack on Joe Biden. It was rather interesting to see the Democrats accuse each other as racists. Never seen that one before.

Then there was the unusual talk of poopy diapers from Eric Swalwell. I’m imagining he, along with a few others lost their backers and will either be using their personal credit cards or frequent flyer miles to get home. Or they can just hitch a ride on Marianne Williamson’s magic love carpet ride with Beatles songs (all we need is love) softly playing in the background.

Some suggested $1000.00 a month to each adult in the country, merely for the fact that you live here and of course, it just sounds good. Some tossed out the twirling idea to no longer consider it a crime to enter the country illegally. That makes the illegal aliens label disappear, along with the illusion of being an American citizen anything special. Being an American citizen is then rendered meaningless, trite and virtually insignificant.

Healthcare was a death defying act, literally. Medicare for all would remove all private health insurance. This sent chills down the spines of about 180 million people who get their insurance from their employers. Try telling the parents of a sick child that they will no longer have private health insurance and that they will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to see a doctor. Then the 50 % tax bomb exploded from Bernie Sanders and it lit up the stage as he tried to walk the tight rope on that.

The Warren Lioness was interesting. Vilifying and demonizing the rich and punishing them for being successful and wealthy. This has always been interesting acrobatics. The Democrats say they want an economic system that works for everyone. They want to raise the minimum wage, help people get ahead, etc, etc. The American Dream, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Wealth and prosperity for all. But if you listen carefully you can hear what they are not saying. In demonizing the wealthy and calling them evil, they think they are playing to envy/jealousy side of the audience. They have more than YOU! But if you listen carefully to what they are not saying it is really rather pernicious. If you are ambitious, motivated and successful, you will be labeled evil. So that actually kills any motivation to achieve. In order to stay in power the Democrats need the American people to feel marginalized, not successful.

Along with stripping the American people of their healthcare, firearms, basic liberties and dignity, moderators lost all control of the circus and decided to go for the finale. As the question was asked if the activists would provide healthcare for illegal aliens, and they flapped their hands up, the crowd collapsed in thunderous applause. And so the clown car wobbled off the stage with a few wheels off, oversized clown shoes flying in the air and red ball noses bouncing around the floor to the sound of a cracked horn.

Meanwhile, back on the World Stage, President Trump was busy making history. After meeting with world leaders at the G20 and getting some stately business done, he, like a guy from south Philly, causally tweeted out an invite to Kim Jong Un. ‘Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by’. And thus became the first US President to go to the DMZ and step into North Korea. Now this may or may not have moved the needle on nukes and resolutions, but the symbolic gesture of that first step is historic. It should make every American proud that we have a President willing to take the first step toward achieving peace for not just America and North Korea, but for the world.

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