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How The Left Has Figured Out How To Make You Comply

The Biden administration has figured out how to make you submit and comply, and it is rather evil and devious. If you inflict pain or squeeze people to a more than uncomfortable situation and create fear and anxiety, you can make them do just about anything. How to do that?

Start with their mobility.

On day one, Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline and declared war on not just the energy sector, but the American people. As with Covid, force people to stay home and not communicate or share ideas with each other, deny them the time with their elderly parents, gathering at funerals, weddings all the things that make up our lives as humans.

Prevent human interaction. The very thing that moves us through our lives, and validates our existence. Human interaction, the natural actions of celebrating with one another, or comforting another human being. Isolation is debilitating and destructive.

Another way, make that existence difficult.

In making it harder to pay for something as simple as filling a gas tank and getting to work, you can create a feeling of insecurity. Couple this with higher food prices, you now squeeze even more.

Many people who thought that after two years of Covid restrictions, they could finally take a deep breath and start to move back into their normal lives, now get hit with more restrictions. Those restrictions come in the form of a threat to sustainable living and enjoyment of life. That new car you were considering, is now put on hold. That family vacation, does not seem affordable or doable. The cost of gas to even drive to a camp site is double of what you budgeted for. Some people may choose to use their credit card, but don't think they won't remember that come November when the bills start coming in. And if you are on the east coast or near the Jersey shore, where it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity, that gallon of gas is significantly reduced when you turn on the air in that car. Either you buy an electric car and go with the Green New Deal or we'll make it even worse.

Now let's put some more fear into the hearts of Americans. New parents!!! Nothing is more important to a new parent then the safety and well being of that precious new life. On a normal basis, that is a huge responsibility. This beautiful helpless human being is completely dependent on the parents to provide for it's very survival. A roof over its head, medical treatment, clothing, nurturing, and food. Yes! Food! Life sustaining nourishment. If you threaten the food supply to a parents child, that strikes terror in their souls. How interesting that the country's largest baby formula manufacturer was shut down by the FDA 3 months ago. Not some small little company, but the one that produces over 40% of baby formula in this country. The major supplier. And, no alternate plans to make formula available or loosen restrictions. Then to really make the American people understand exactly where they are on the totem pole of significance, make sure there is no baby formula shortage at the border for illegal parents to feed their babies. Make that message loud and clear to Americans. We have the ability to starve your infants.

Perhaps you have forgotten the message this administration sent out just a few months ago. When Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan and left 1000's of Americans there. Americans are not valuable enough to insure their safety. That was also shown when his actions caused the deaths of 13 American hero's, our precious soldiers.

Lets move on the next scary idea. Let's promote a war with a nuclear super power. Keep that threat in the back of the minds of the American people. They may not think about it every minute of the day, but it's there, hovering around the cranial cavity. And while they're at it, lets import people from other countries just to solidify the message.

Compliance is difficult in a country like ours. We are a free society. We are grounded by our faith and family, and propelled by our pursuit of happiness. We believe in the human spirit, in lifting up our fellow countrymen and women. We believe our rights come from God, our creator, not doled out by our government. The first and foremost obligation our government has to us, is to insure our safety. Joe Biden's government has done everything it can to prevent safety, reduce our ability to provide for ourselves and push dependence on the government. If you can make people dependent on the government to provide the basics such as food, shelter, medical care,education and a means to provide for themselves, you have gained complete control over them. If you instill fear in your population, it really doesn't matter if you have a 1stamendment right to free speech, if people are afraid to speak and self censor, for fear of retribution and punishment, you have completed that mission. A terrified society might comply for a short time, but the true American spirit will rise up and take back their lives and their country. Do not underestimate the power of the human spirit. The motivational drive.

Liberty and Freedom are our most prized possessions. The freedom to say what we want, the liberty to worship as we please, define what happiness is to each individual. Liberty and freedom provide us the right to pursue happiness.

This is the first time anyone can remember that this country has a president who despises ½ of the people who live here. He said he was going to be “an American president” Even those who did not vote for him. That was an empty promise coming out of an empty man. What this administration is doing to this country and to the beautiful people who live here is nothing short of evil. This is a very hateful, angry cruel man, acting like an evil dictator.

But there is a positive to this. November will be here sooner than this administration thinks. And the American people will make their voices heard. I hope the Republicans do something positive and constructive with the job opportunity the American people lend them.

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Another very good article! Got a little ballsy, didn’t you ?

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