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Integrity of America

Just 24 hours ago, the Democrats were scrambling and freaking out over the so called “Red Wave” coming at them. The Biden administration has had one bad stroke after another. Joe Biden and the democrats themselves are seeing poll numbers down at the bottom of the barrel. The dis jointed exit from Afghanistan, Inflation, highest gas prices in 40 years, grocery prices through the roof, possible food shortages due to a 4 fold increase cost in fertilizer. Ukraine, The Southern Border, Pissed off parents, incredible rise in crime. It’s stunning! The Democrats are hemorrhaging and can’t figure out what to do or what to say to divert the attention of the American people. What can they possibly say out on the campaign trail?

Well, they now have something to talk about that they believe will bring their base to polls. A sort of get out the vote tactic. Roe V Wade. This distraction will be exactly what they need to keep people's attention off of what is happening. They will campaign the hell out this. Finally! Something to talk to their base about and skirt the issues of what is happening. The perfect diversion. And they will ride it to the midterms.

This is a subject that will galvanize the bases, on both sides. It doesn’t matter that it’s premature, because the court has not rendered a final decision. It is the one thing they can campaign on for many uses. They will say in the interest of protecting democracy, we need to abolish the filibuster. Great idea! That way, you can never again vote on anything. Perfect solution. Mob rule. Power!!! Yea!!! They are also using it to again suggest packing the court. The left didn’t even wait 24 hours before starting the huckster pitch of sending them even just $25 to the DNC. That right there should tell you this was well planned and the talking points already typed out on cue cards.

Interesting how they are screaming that women have the right to their own body, but when asked the definition of a woman they are unable to give it. They are telling you that this will deny “ health care” to millions of woman. If you can’t define what a woman is, how then, can you determine if you are denying woman health care? How do you even know what health care a woman needs? This is the same group that tells you men can get pregnant. Will this prevent men from getting abortions too? So is the “health care “ of men also at risk? Astounding!!! Finally just when men can get pregnant you are going to deny them the ability to get an abortion, after they worked so hard to get pregnant!!! And what happens to men who identify as women? Or visa versa? It’s all very confusing.

Sadly, they are more concerned with the possibility of Roe V Wade being overturned, than they are the way the information was released. It also shows you they do not trust giving the decision back to the people and the states. Apparently burning down every institution in this country is the go to in order to retain power. This was, as many have argued an assault on the Supreme Court. But more importantly, it is a finger in the eye of every American. Sadly this is what our politics have devolved into. The respect for this country, our institutions, and more importantly, the citizens of this country, and the respect of giving them the right to govern themselves has diminished to almost non existent. This leak was a direct smack in the face of the citizens of this great country who still revere our institutions and want to believe in them. In essence what this says to them is no one respects them, they idolize power so much, that the American people are inconsequential. What a sad day for Americans, they have been betrayed by the very people who campaigned on their hopes and beliefs.

This is not about Roe V Wade, or women rights, or even the rights of the unborn actually. It is about the sanctity of our institutions and the idea and integrity of America. And power at any cost. To those who call the person or persons who leaked this a hero, a word of caution. As you cheer the “courage” of this, remember, you only consider it courageous because it is advantageous for your cause. You have to ask yourself, would you feel the same if it were done by the opposite party for their furtherance? Are you in favor of burn it all down no matter who does it? If you can’t immediately say yes, then you need to rethink your idea of courage, because to answer no, you have admitted you are an opportunist and a hypocrite and have no real convictions. If it is wrong, it wrong no matter who does it.

As Chuck Schumer reminded everyone, November is around the corner. What he did not tell you, is your liberties and freedoms as a self governing country is on the ballot as well. Our rights do not come from the mob, or the government. Try to remember that when you go to the voting booth.

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