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Is New Jersey Turning Red?

New Jersey was not always Colbolt Blue. There was a time it was a red state. FDR carried New Jersey in 1932-36-40 & 44. But it has been consistently blue since ’92. It was considered the “Blue Wall”. But the tide may be changing.

You may want to get the Lingo correct too. If you are from North Jersey, (some pronounce it Nort Jersey), you are closer to New York. In fact, you may very well work in New York, so you are really more of a New Yorker. If you live in South Jersey, you just refer to your state as Jersey. But wait!, someone says, there is also a Central Jersey. And Governor Christy reaped the benefits of that, wining 48.5% to Jon Corzin 44.9%. Phil Murphy got in by the skin of his teeth. Steve Sweeny, the president of the Senate for over a decade, lost his race to a truck driver that spent less than $1000 on his campaign. There wasn’t a democrat around that ever saw that coming. Is the Blue Wall starting to crumble a bit?

Jerseyans, like many other people in this country are becoming exhausted. They are exhausted from shut downs, mandates, masks on, masks off, high property taxes, rising gas prices, high food prices, and like the people in the commonwealth of Virginia, they are scrutinizing their schools. This past week, it was brought to their attention, that children at the tender age of 5 may have a new “subject” in school. That is, getting an early start on sex education. They will have little books showing the different body parts of boys and girls. They will learn the adult terminology, maybe even have to use it in a sentence ( up for debate if they will have to diagram that sentence). Something so personal and intimate that historically was reserved for a conversation with their parents, is now an embarrassing and forcible conversation with teachers and their piers. Instead of coloring books, songs, paper projects for the refrigerator and playtime, they get to have sexual orientation instruction time. That should put their little brains to the test. Can you imagine the Thanksgiving dinner conversation with nana and pop pop this year when they are asked, ‘so, what did you learn in school?’

Are the New Jersey Democrats intentionally trying to loose this November? Have they learned nothing from the surprise elections throughout the states and most recently the losses in their own? It’s as if they are trying to cause a Red Wave. It’s either that or they are so incredible tone deaf and arrogant that they don’t believe Jersey could ever be red again. 30 years is a long time. Jersey may be looking at a smack down along with a lot of other states. When you take things for granted, you should not be astonished when you lose. It is the primary of parents in the elections moving forward, they have emerged from the Covid Coma. Those who ignore, disrespect, vilify or just take for granted the many parents in all states, do so at the risk of their own chagrin. Disappointment in the New Jersey Democrat party has not been a consideration in 3 decades, they may find that complacency may wipe the smug off their mugs this November.

What’s the old saying? Never get too comfortable, it may cause you more discomfort than you could imagine.

When you mess with the kids, you may not be prepared for the ramifications. The progressive left and the teachers unions may have bit off more than they can chew and get their just desserts.

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