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Has anyone thought about the poor judgement that has been coming out of the Democrats? Think about this for a moment. Lets start with Medicare for all. Not only would this throw about 180 million people off their current healthcare, and really tee off the unions, since when they negotiate, they give up dollars in order to get the Cadillac insurance policy, what it would do to the economic state of millions of people working in the insurance industry. Being that it is 1/6th of our economy, think of the millions of working people who would be thrown into the unemployment line. No one discusses this. But healthcare is a right!!!!! Thats the standard response.

Well, let’s talk about rights. The right to keep and bear arms is actually in the constitution, and Bloomberg has dumped a crapload of money into Virginia and around the country in order to remove that right from law abiding citizens. Healthcare, on the other hand, is not in the constitution.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a right. The first obligation of our elected officials is to make sure we as citizens are safe in this country, to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But New York is letting people go free without bail even though they have robbed a bank (in some cases several times), assaulted people, child pornography, etc., while at the same time demanding Roger Stone do a life sentence for lying. Poor judgement there.

Let’s go on to Michael Avenatti. How bad does your judgement have to be in order think that this guy was in anyway credible and not just your basic clown shyster in a $5000 suit?? And we had morons on TV talking about him being a presidential candidate!!!! Yeah, that’s good judgment.

Let’s move onto the actual candidates. We have a Socialist. Or as they refer to Bernie as a “Democratic Socialist”. As if there is also a Republican or Conservative Socialist. Bernie wants to give away the store, and not just to Americans. He’s included Illegals. And also give the vote to people in jail. Jail is a punishment for doing a crime, and that’s what happens when you go to jail, you lose certain privileges as part of your punishment. This is not a hard concept to understand.

We have Bloomberg not even bothering to hit a debate stage, he obviously is above all that stuff. He just figures he’ll pour in a boatload of money and perhaps again be in a position to instruct us on the use of salt, straws and sugar, since we apparently are unable and should not have the liberty to make those decisions on our own. And of course, disarming the population would be helpful. When was the last time a law abiding citizen shot up anything? They don’t, that’s because they are “law abiding” not “criminals. But seems he is can’t tell the difference.

We have Elizabeth Warren. Someone who has the greatest imagination of all of them. She has come up with more fabrications of herself than most all of them. And she tells these stories with much more ease than Joe Biden. He gets all his grandiose stories so confused it’s hard not to just feel sorry for a failing man who doesn’t know his time has passed. If you look closely, you can almost see the expiration date stamped on his forehead. He hasn’t done anything in over 45 years in Washington and now all of sudden he’s the one with the great ideas. Perhaps Cornpop has emailed him some new ideas.

Moving on to Mayor Pete. This is the guy who is groomed for the candidacy. His has learned his robotic, stock responses rather well. If you notice, he never actually answers a question, but you somehow think he did, and so does he.

Oh and yes!!!!!! We might have a re run of Hillary!!!! Won’t that be great! More bad judgement.

All these bozos with the worst judgement want to be in power. They couldn’t even be taught to be the farmers and steel workers that Bloomberg ridicules. They have not the faintest idea of how average Americans live, work and respect each other. They look at us as plebeians to be ruled, ridiculed and dismissed as insignificant to their omnipotent power.

Meanwhile, President Trump takes a lap around not only Daytona in the beast, but is actually a beast and taking major laps around them and driving them up a wall by getting things accomplished for the American people.

Use your own judgement on who has the better judgement.

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