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Keep On Trucking'

And you thought it was just a1973 Eddie Kendricks song. Nope, not any more. But just as the song suggests," Diesel powered, straight to you....for your love, through sleet and snow," the truckers in Canada stay strong. Their love, you ask, Freedom!!

We've seen this type of movement before from truckers. Actually a year after this song was released. In 1974 the truckers went to Washington. They were galvanized then, and they are even more so in 2022. This time, they are united in more than what just effects them, but of all people. The freedom of choice. They represent so many people who have for the last 2 years, felt helpless in having control over their own lives and decisions.

Much to the government and the media's chagrin, most people are in favor of the Truckers and their tenacity. They may not agree completely with shutting down roadways, or causing the inconvenience, but make no mistake, they support them. Secretly cheering them on in unity with them and sounding a message loud and clear. People want their lives back, the lives the government had no right to take from them. The infringement has gone on too long.

For two years, the government has destroyed small businesses, ruined lives, harmed children, put masses of people out of work, insisted they cover their faces and inject their bodies, all the while being unaffected at all. Most decent people were willing to sacrifice for a short amount of time for the greater good of mankind. ( If we are even permitted to use that noun anymore ) But, people have now reached their toleration limit. They are done. But don't know how or what to do about it. And then, almost by telepathic summons, the truckers appeared on site.

Whoa!!!! These guys are taking a stance. And in a big disruptive, in your face, pay attention way. This "movement" is spreading. There is no actual movement, as things have come to a standstill, but spreading in numbers it is. There is solidarity not just among the truckers, but also from people who have been directed to remove the truckers. Tow truck drivers have declined to assist in removing them, average people have stepped in to bring gas, food, etc. and 1000's of people have donated money to the cause.

Why would people do that for truckers, people they don't know? Reason, because it's not just about the truckers, it's about all of us and Freedom for all. 2 years ago people viewed truckers as heroes. They were essential, they brought us what we ourselves could not get or do for ourselves . Now people view them as champions. Average people, just like themselves, standing up for freedom, taking up challenge for all of us. Doing what we cannot do.

Of course, you have the elites referring to them as "racist" ( the go to word) and you have other media morons suggesting that they slash their tires, empty their gas tanks, arrest the truckers and remove the trucks. Exactly how to do you remove a big rig? Do you call 1800-MoveTwinScrews?

Are they a local company? And wouldn't they use a big rig and truckers to do it?

We will watch this play out. Where this ends is anyone's call. But in the meantime,

Keep Freedom Moving, and Keep On Truckin'

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