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Media and the Movies

Well, being down in bed for 8 days with a pinched nerve in my neck gave me plenty of time to watch the news, and also movies. After a series of re runs of the hate President Trump new cycles, it became so apparent that no one really delivers the news, they deliver opinion. They grandstand and attempt to make themselves the star of their own movie. It is constant hate Trump propaganda repeated ad nauseam. No reporting of anything unless it is spectacularly unusual, like a 50 car pile up, a mass shooting, a helicopter landing on a roof top in New York. Instead it is concentrated on proliferating the RUSSIA!!!!! scheme that has been constant for over 2 years, pretend impeachment, or just some stupid hand gesture or off hand comment that Trump makes and for some reason in the eyes of the Media is explosive. The average American in this country could care less about some insignificant comment that the President made that in no way affects their life. What they do care about is what is going on in their life.

They have more money in their pocket and feel more confident about spending it. They are able to change jobs because there are more jobs than people right now. Their 401K has been pulled off life support and their TD Ameritrade is doing great, so their retirement does not look as bleak as is did 4 years ago. Veterans are finally able to go to the doctor of their choice if the VA can’t accommodate them them in a timely matter. Prison reform has finally happened. Cancer and terminally ill people can finally have access to experimental drugs through the Right to Try act. These things impact average Americans. But you will never hear of any of these because the Media is remiss in telling the public of these. What a dis service. The Right to Try act is Hugh. The Media would rather bash this president and attempt to put their thumb on the scale for the next election instead of inform sick Americans of an Act that could possible save their life.

I watched an old movie while recuperating, Meet Joe Black. Bill Parrish, a media mogul (played by Anthony Hopkins ) delivers an incredibly powerful statement when faced with the buy out of his company. “…. I started in this business because that’s what I wanted to do. I knew I wasn’t going to write the great American novel, but I also knew there was something else in life than buying something for a dollar and selling it for two. I’d hope to create something. Something which could be held to the highest standards. What I realized is, I wanted to give the news to the world. And I wanted to give it unvarnished. The more we all know about each other, the greater the chance we will survive. Sure I want to make a profit, you can’t exist without one.” he goes on to state that the company that wants to acquire his, is all about profit. And in order to reach the world you will have to go through that company. He further states that not only will you have to pay to do this, but far more important, “you will have to agree with them. ” And then he makes this profound declaration. “….reporting the news is a privilege and a responsibility. And it is not exploitable”

Think about that last statement. Where is our modern day media? Do they report the news “unvarnished ” ? Do they hold themselves to the “highest standards?” Do they view their role in news reporting as a “privilege”? And are they “responsible “? Or is exploitation and propaganda of their agenda the only goal? Modern day Media, watch the movies, you just might learn not only how to conduct yourselves, but learn how to be responsible to the people that you crave attention. Start taking your job responsibly and regard it as a privilege. And most importantly, respect those who do not agree with you.

The American people want the unvarnished news, not your opinion. And contrary to your opinion of them, they are quite capable of deciding things for themselves and their families. They are not, much to your chagrin, the stupid, naive, easily persuadable idiots with which you have deluded and convinced yourselves. To continually denigrate them will not swing them over to agreeing with you. The only people you are fooling with that thought is yourselves. Modern Day Media, you don’t have to Meet Joe Black but you might want to Meet Bill Parrish.

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