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Well the democrat field has been narrowed down a bit, but the message from the candidates is still the same. President Trump is a big old meanie and has to be removed. Then of course there are the off the charts platforms of climate change, trillions of dollars, basic universal income, who gets that? Free healthcare for illegals, that’s accomplished by taxing hard working people who can barely afford their own healthcare. But not to worry about that, because they will remove current healthcare from over 180 million people in order to implement Medicare for None. Also of course abortion as a means of birth control and population control. Dictating what you can eat, drink, drink from and what they deem appropriate for your health is getting a lot of play as well. The electoral college sticks in their crawl too. Free college tuition. Gun confiscation is a big talking point, because instead of removing guns from the criminals, it’s much easier to remove them from law abiding citizens. And disarming the population is about the only way you can institute socialism in this country. Power grab after power grab. They must, an absolute must be in power and gain control over the American citizens. After all it was the American citizens who put this bozo in the White House, so they obviously can’t be trusted with decision making.

But the biggest thing I noticed is the amount of negativity. This has to be the biggest bunch of Negs I’ve seen in a long time. According to these candidates, there is not one single thing in this country that is good. The laws are bad, the policies are bad the people residing here are bad. Listening to them you would think this is the worst country in the world, full of terrible stupid people. And the hatred and anger is astonishing.

It’s as if they were sleeping through the 2016 election. They haven’t yet learned that the American people are good, decent hard working individuals. Most Americans conduct themselves with kindness and grace and take joy in the smallest of things. If you ever watched a Trump rally, it’s like a party or a tailgate party for your favorite team. People are happy, dancing, cheering. Thats what energizes most people. A positive message.

The American people do not want a bunch of hateful angry people in their lives and certainly not in their government. No one wants a bunch of hateful people making decisions that will impact their daily lives.

The propositions from these candidates remove our freedom of choice for the things that most impact our lives. They suggest full dependance on the government and no personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is a cornerstone to liberty. The freedom to determine what is best for ourselves and our families. To make decisions and determinations that are tailor made to our own lives. The sense of accomplishment and self worth. That is what freedom allows for each and every person. Hard work may be hard, but the reward of such is more valuable than diamonds. Free has no value.

Our constitution affords every single person the freedom and liberty to be all that we can be for ourselves. It insures self worth and dignity. So as we listen to those on stage offer “free”, remember it comes at the cost of personal freedom. Then ask yourself what is cost of that?

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