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Postal Pause

Seems the newest accusation against President Trump is that he is sabotaging the postal service. He is removing post office boxes, mail sorting machines, denying funding, etc, in an effort to suppress the vote, tamper with the election. Can we just think about this for a moment. Mail.

It would be a great idea to make the US Postal system a bit more efficient and also bring it a bit closer to the present millennium. We aren’t still having our postal carriers deposit mail at the tavern. However, there actually is less need for the postal service at a high capacity in the past 20 years. With the internet, email, Amazon etc, ask yourself these basic questions. When was the last time you sat down, pen and paper and wrote a letter, placed it in an envelope, stamped it and mailed it? Or sent a thank you note by mail? Some people are actually sending wedding invitations through email. Same as retirement parties, etc. W

ith the development of Amazon, many items we order on line are sent by different carriers because we now have competition. Everything is streamlined, so it would stand to reason that the post master general would try to make the postal system more efficient and cost-productive, since dependence on it has slimmed down.

But since the overhauling of the postal system, which has been taking place for several years, now the Left is demanding that the entire nation vote by mail. An obvious overloaded burden on the very system that has been trimming to become more fiscally efficient, you now want them to gear up 3 months before they are bombarded with an excessive workload.

Ask yourself another question. Would you put $1000 cash in an envelope and mail it? Of course you wouldn’t, but the left wants you to put your vote in an envelope and mail it. A vote is very valuable as we all know. So either the Left doesn’t value our vote, or they intend to confiscate it or at the very least, tamper with it.

Then we have governors, such as Phil Murphy in New Jersey, who have decreed Jersey a mail-in vote state, stating that people should not have to choose between their health and voting. What a ridiculous statement. No one is suggesting that one should choose health over voting. It is not an either or. If people are trepidatious about going to a voting booth, they can request an absentee ballot be sent to them, fill it out and mail it back. But there are people who want to vote in a booth. They want to go in, close the curtain behind them, and push the buttons for their candidate. It’s called choice. They don’t insist you do the same, but they are angry that they should have to live under someone else’s fears. But that is the mentality of the left. If they don’t want something, then No one should have it. So much for tolerance.

Over the past 5 months, governors have told people of their states what they can and can’t do. They have removed freedom of choice. They have told people what they can buy and where they can buy it. They have told them if they want to practice their faith, they must do it in their homes. They have told us what books we may read, what we can and cannot say, what shows we may watch, what words are acceptable, what cartoons our children can view, when and if they can go to school. When people can return to work and earn a living, and what industry is permitted to thrive and which is eliminated. What we must wear on our faces. And now we have a presidential candidate saying he will mandate mask wearing. This is a glimpse into the way he will govern if elected. It is not a quantum leap to suggest that since the left has successfully managed to control the people of this country, that they will not take it further. Perhaps telling all Americans what type of car they may drive, or what type of medical care they are permitted. Not being allowed to enter an airport, restaurant, school, etc with out proof of a vaccine. Showing your papers. If you do not comply, they will simply send the mob to your neighborhood and have them torch it.

How have the American people just acquiesced and not objected to this control. President Trump is not removing our freedoms, we are in our capitulation, doing it ourselves. By our silence to object, we have relinquished many liberties. Hopefully, this November, we will claw them back.

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