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Priority In The Face Of Crisis

The disgraceful, cynical behavior of the Democratic Party these past few days is beyond sinister. Rather than rise to the occasion as leaders, help this country and the hard working hard hit people of this country, they choose to be the villains and exploit the plight of the country.

Do they really think the unemployed Bartender cares about diversity in future hiring practices. I assure you he/she does not. A bartender will mix a cocktail for a frog if they put money on the bar. Bartenders are not bigots when they do their job.

The 85 year old lady in a nursing home who depends on her investments to subsidize her SSI could care less about the Kennedy Center. While she is isolated and watches her life savings bleed out, she is fearful it may evaporate and knows she has no future earning power. She can’t even see her kids let alone go see Art and 35M to the Kennedy Center does absolutely nothing to quell her fears.

The self employed painter or handyman, who is not eligible for unemployment benefits finds no comfort in implementing same day voter registration as a source of relief for his circumstances.

The retail clerk in AC Moore finds tax credits for solar totally vapid. The exhausted nurse that just came off a 12 or 15 hours grueling shift is not impressed with forgiveness to the Post Office, or whether or not the airlines have diversity in hiring. They need PPE to protect themselves, their patients and their respective families.

So as Americans are asked to make probably the biggest sacrifice of their life so far, when they are faced with trying to even put food on the table or pay the light bill, they are reminded how DC out of touch elites that refer to themselves as “Leaders” have let the country down in a colossal way.

When Joe Biden is making critiquing speeches in this hypnagogic hallucinatory Oval Office, it yet again shows another example of poor judgment coming from the Democratic Party. In a time when Americans are fearful and confused, it is not helpful to further the division and confusion. Mixed messaging and fear mongering is destructive and irresponsible and serves no purpose. It serves no one except those in their insatiable quest for power. It is shameful behavior.

We are all soldiers in this fight and we should be mindful of some who are in the foxhole with us. We will be well served to remember the actions of them when we go to polls on that same day voter registration day.

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