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Punishment, Political and Permanant

Two months ago the American people were persuaded to agree to a lockdown of the country and their lives. Presented to them was the fear of a pandemic infecting them and their loved ones as well as the entire country. In an effort to stem the tide, flatten the curve, stave off this deadly virus, they were more than willing to do what was asked of them. They were told the government would issue a $1200 check to help them through what they thought was going to be 2-3 weeks. It was almost viewed as a forced vacation, one for which they would be compensated .

Lo and behold it has morphed into some bizzare and grotesque struggle of survival that has created in itself, death and destruction. People have lost their lives and not from the virus. They have lost their jobs, homes, what little money they might have saved, their businesses, their patience and their freedoms and liberties. Their government has assigned winners and losers. Designated them into “essential” and “non essential” Who is worthy to earn a living and provide for their family and who is not. How insulting for many to find out that they are viewed as non essential. Their own government has diminished them and deemed them less important. And despite the increasing evidence that the virus is not one tenth as deadly as originally told to them, and the curve has flattened to that of a piece of glass, they are told they still cannot step outside or go to work. They must sacrifice and suffer more. Power intoxicated governors are threatening to arrest and fine people if they dare to dis obey their authoritarian orders. It is starting to feel punitive. And more alarming permanent.

Reasonable common sense people who are told they can go to Home Depot and Target, but not to a voting booth can’t figure out the logic. You can go to the beach, but only wet sand. How do you get to the wet sand without going on the dry sand? We were told they didn’t want hospitals to be overwhelmed, and yet some hospitals are closing and hospital employees are being let go. Deny their children an education, for which they pay taxes. You can get take out food, but you can’t get God’s message. Crowd 300 people into a big box grocery store, but shutter mom and pop stores. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spread those 300 people over 5 stores instead of just one?

Blue state governors seem to be hell bent on keeping their boot on the neck of the people of their state. Crush the economy and the people and jeopardize physical and economic health. Why? To prevent Trump from being re-elected? Starting to feel political. Is it possible that Democrats hate President Trump so much that they are willing to crater our entire economic structure, burn down the country, deny people their freedoms and liberties, crush the American spirit, just to get him out of office? Because it certainly appears that way.

It has gone from, we are all in this together, let us unite to flatten the curve to lets just flatten the American people. Tyranny is upon us. Now were are told we can’t open up until their is a vaccine. Which may never happen and approximately 40% of people don’t get a flu shot, so, you know the rest of that statement. How is it, that so many people are willing to allow everything that people fought and died for to be taken from them so easily. It’s like taking candy from a baby. And the Democrats will have us suckling the government breast for years to come unless people put their foot down and say NO!!! And many people in many states are starting to do just that. Because the initial fear, turned into frustration, which turned into desperation which has now raised up as collective anger. Common sense people know they will never be disease free, risk free. It is an unattainable notion, not one that any clear thinking adult would consider reasonable. And yet the Democrats will continue to try to instill fear into the American people in order to control them and for their own insatiable quest for power and authoritarianism. They will continue to work behind the scenes, implementing laws that none of their residents voted on, and make them permanent.

The American people will wake up and rebel. They are too used to being free and independent. Too used to calling their own shots, and not someone else. They will not be complacent and compliant for any extended period of time. It’s like wearing a coat that is to tight and in hot weather. It’s uncomfortable and they will remove and discard it. The American people will not continue to be kicked in the teeth. There will be a moment when they declare enough is enough. Politicians would be wise to know that and to look for the signs.

As Blue state Mayors and Governors across the country, sit in their governor mansions with a continued income and elitist and condescending attitude and continue to trample on the rights of their constituents, people across the country get more and more restless. Allow businesses to reopen. Allow Americans to be Americans. Allow people to exercise personal responsibility. We are adults. We can take the virus seriously and take responsible precautions for ourselves and others, while simultaneously work and provide a living for ourselves and families and be productive members of society. We are not children, we are not prisoners, we are not idiots, and we will not be disrespected by our elected officials much longer. Our freedoms and liberties are on the line, and so are elected officials jobs.

Stop punishing the American people and smashing the Bill or Rights. Our “leaders” should also know that their jobs are in more jeopardy than those of the people they wish to control. Sensible, freedom loving people will insure that. Liberty will prevail with the American people.

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