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Some would ask, how is it possible that many people in the United States have so little knowledge of the Constitution or civics in general. I get it, the country is divided in their opinions of President Trump. It has actually pretty much been the same throughout history. The party that is not in power, dislikes the party in power. They have disagreed and shouted angry words, sometimes even come to blows, but in the end they have come to compromises and somehow figured out how to govern.

Since President Trump was elected it seems the Democrats and 1/2 of America have either lost their minds or just chosen to ignore the plenary powers of the person elected as President. They have decided that if they don’t like him personally and also disagree with his policies, then the remedy is to Impeach him and remove him from office. I am trying to find where, in the constitution that is written.

The person elected president, by constitutional definition, gets to write policy. Both foreign and domestic. As President Obama once said, elections have consequences. Short of some outrageous infraction, our constitution provides that the president is the chief law enforcement officer, he is responsible for national security, the day to day operations of this country, and among many other things, he negotiates with foreign countries. Even some he may find distasteful and abhorrent. Unlike democrats, he forces himself to do business with them on behalf of the American people. Democrats somehow have not been able or willing to do the same. We don’t like you, therefore we will remove you. It makes no impressional difference to them that 30 out of 50 states placed him there. That is of no consideration to them. Frankly because they don’t respect the will of the people and could give a rats behind what they want. It is of no concern to them. They have as my mother used to say, gotten too big for their breeches. They have somehow convinced themselves that they do not report to the American people. They have forgotten who they work for. They believe that their job and their existence is to satisfy their own desires and positions of power.

The latest ‘get him out of here’ tactic is Ukraine and impeachment. This impeachment thing is actually rather ingenious. The democrats have come to the frightening realization that they have crap for candidates. They know this, and are terrified that the American people are going to come to same conclusion. Even under the best psychotropic drugs, most Americans would not vote for open borders, decriminalization of border crossing, confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens, medicare for all including illegals, free college, free housing, abolishing ICE, abolishing due process, abandonment of the constitution and removal of freedoms and liberties to all citizens. I don’t care if you spritz them down with a cocktail of thorazine, lithium, and battery acid. Any sane rational person would know that this would not only blow up the entire financial stability of this country and bankrupt us in 2.5 seconds, it’s just plain asinine. No one would vote to remove their liberties in exchange for anything. Trying to entice people with pie in the sky promises in exchange for their freedoms will never work. The American people are smarter than that, and frankly, more personally responsible and independent thinking than that. It’s an insult to suggest otherwise. The democrats keep hoping that people get their information off the side of a cereal box rather than research it.

Attempting to remove their president in a dark room in secret along with insulting their intelligence, more than likely will get Donald Trump re elected for a second term. And when that happens, it should put goosebumps up and down your spine to think of what radical, unconstitutional concoction they will devise. Loosing power is a worse than death fate and they will do whatever is necessary to make sure that does not happen. *But if civics were still taught in this country, we would be reminded of Patrick Henry’s words in Virginia on March 23,1775. And believe it or not, much to their chagrin, the American people are a lot more “woke” than the “woke” would like to believe.

*Writers footnote. The reason the quote is not given in this piece is in the hopes that one would research the quote. In the 1950’s you could actually find quotes like this on a cereal box.

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