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Remember The 1987 Commercial?

This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. It was a huge anti-narcotics campaign. It was televised as a Public Service Announcement. It was rather effective. We had Nancy Reagan, saying 'just say no'. There was a true effort to stop drug use this country. Mothers Against Drunk Driving made a huge push regarding drinking and driving. We still occasionally see 'Buzzed driving is Drunk Driving'.

So where, can someone please explain, is the Public Service Announcement regarding Fentanyl ? Why are the commercials and also the media, plastering this all over the screens of American Viewers? And where or where is this Administration ? We have a president who has first hand experience of the harm and tragedy caused by drug use. He should be yelling from the roof of the White House. If anyone could be a spokes person, he certainly could. And yet silence.

Silence while over 300 people a day die from Fentanyl. It is being disguised to look like candy and street chalk, appealing to the youngest and most vulnerable of our society. When we had 300 people a day dying from Covid, we shut the entire country down and all that was talked about was Covid. Where is the administration, the media and social media companies now? Where is Jill Biden? Why are they not scaring the bejesus out of people now? Why no public service announcements for this?

While our schools are trying to talk to our kids about gender preferences and how racist they are, why are schools not drilling it into kids of the danger right outside the school parking lot? So many people now make sure they have a designated driver, or take an Uber, so we know it works.

How sad we have elected officials and more importantly, a president that has this so far down on their list of priorities. Too many families have suffered the heartbreak from this deadly poison that is at ever corner.

You may not be able to make a powerful commercial and plaster it all over the airwaves, but you can talk to your kids, your neighbors, your friends etc. Ask the pastor of your church to include it in the sermon. Our country is being killed off by a pandemic that a cloth mask won't be of any help. It has touched so many people in this country.

I hope we get some politicians who make this part of their platform. It would be one that might save some lives

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