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The Dichotomy of America

This week our country experienced 2 horrific tragedies. A mass shooting in El Paso Texas and another in Ohio. Two assaults on the people of this great country. The immediate responses were, shock, horror, sadness, panic, prayers and then of course, partisanship. Incredible, the great people of this country pulled together. It was automatic, instinctive. The knee jerk reaction of the American people of all races, creeds, ethnics was to pray, and give support and assistance. How incredible the strength and resolve of the American people. All with no prompting from any leaders or groups.

In contrast, the knee jerk immediate reaction of some of the leaders of this country, many running for president, was to use this horrific tragedy for self serving promotion and aggrandization to advance their personal agenda and power. Spitting out disgraceful speeches and sound bites, vitriolic hatred and blaming. Calling for boycotts, putting personal information out in the public square for shaming and potential additional violence, ascribing blame to the president, anyone who is associated with him, anyone who supported him and anyone who does not agree with them. Virtually ostracizing anyone who does not subscribe to their ideology. Anyone who dares to be free thinking is repudiated and banished as the scourge of the earth and intimidated.

Many of our leaders this week showed us how shallow, scared and desperate they are. So fearful that the American people might think differently than they want us to, and offering nothing but intimidation, shaming, name calling and alienation of half the country. Demonizing law abiding citizens and threatening to remove one of their constitutional rights because of the actions of an evil individual. Actually accusing them of being co criminals because of their political affiliation. One has to ask, how is this helpful? To anyone??

Fortunately, for the millions of Americans in this country, we have our neighbors and the millions of Americans to look to, because as it has been demonstrated to us all, Our “leaders” are incapable of being unselfish, or looking beyond their own advancement and quest for power.

So to the great people of America, Kudos to you. The American people are capable of stepping out of their own situations to help their fellow Americans because, The American people are kind, caring, sympathetic, unselfish, moral human beings. They are not the racist, deplorable or despicable hateful people that their “leaders” would like to convince them that they are. The american people are strong, helpful and long for a leader that shares that. Sadly, we have not seen any of them on the stage this week.

So as we as fellow Americans pray, support, grieve and heal, let us be grateful that we have each other to lean on in times of sadness. God bless the American people, keep us safe and the great country where we reside.

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