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The DNC Message

While we are all in a bit of shock over the DNC and the lack of in-person participation with the continued attack of the COVID-19 messaging it’s sad not to hear the details on how the party will win over the American voters. The constant spray is hatred toward the 45th President of the United States. They have an opportunity. Yet they bring up former Impeached President Bill Clinton a former companion of Jeffery Epstein along with many others on the “List” now being reviewed pre-trial. The DNC Message is missing. Hatred is not a message and it’s obvious that the American public will weigh this message of hate and translate that to the real day-to-day visual facts on the streets of the democratically run states and cities.

The dual DNC message of hatred and follow the science doesn’t connect anymore as the Science message has a severe asterisk. They only follow the science when it benefits their hate message.

Hate sells when there is severe poverty. We have poverty in America. Mainly is states and cities that are poorly run and yes Blue states. Ironic that these hate states in Blue care little about the brave men and women that support the rule of law. All lives matter at the end of the day and color is only used every 4 years by this party.

DNC Messaging strategies and tactics where they are forced to give the immature junior congresswoman, AOC her sixty seconds of fame to appease her lack of maturity. She is a great example of a growing number of young civil minded career seeking youth who want ultimate power now. Twitter has done such a good job on their psyche that they don’t know what the longbow of career looks like. They lack the physical social skills to understand how to earn it when their lives are 140 characters in seconds not days or weeks or months let alone years of learning and practicing their skills.

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