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The Freedom For Anger

63 Million Americans cast their vote in 2016 for Donald Trump. 63 million Americans chose him for President. 63 million Americans believed that their guy would be given a fair chance to implement the policies that they voted for. They believed in the system. For 3 years, democrats have attempted to void that decision. . To deny and steal the vote from those 63 million Americans. To remove their voice and their choice. To ignore and undo the electorate decision. Can you imagine? And 63 million Americans feel cheated.

The democrats have done everything possible to thwart, block, hinder and destroy. To stop him at every turn or reverse what he has accomplished. Accomplished not just for the 63 million Americans who voted for him, but for all Americans. Even in face of all of this President Trump has fought to deliver on his promises to those electorate. He is bound and determined to keep his word, no matter who tries to work against him.

But still democrats try to stop him. Even remove him from office by way of false accusations of being a foreign spy and talk of impeachment. They continue to try to deny his accomplishments and successes , which ultimately denies the success of the American people. They cannot allow the President to be successful, because that would be allowing the American people to be successful, and they simply cannot have that. That translates into loss of power. It means the American people do not depend on them for their existence. The American people believe in themselves and their freedoms.

Democrats have a long history of enslaving people. Of giving them just enough sustenance to stay under their control, but not enough to allow them to truly live and pursue their dreams. And now they are continuing to offer appetizing incentives to remain dependent on them and deny individual freedom. Freedom is letting go of grasping. Without freedom you need to grasp at the morsels being thrown to you. Freedom is prepping the appetizer, making an intermezzo and then having a full course entree and then sharing it with family and friends. It’s not that democrats don’t understand this, they understand fully. It is rather that they will do all they can to prevent it.

What Donald Trump did in this last election is he is responsible for the “Woke”. People woke up and realized how they had been being bamboozled. They woke up and realized that they do have a voice, that they can exercise their freedoms and liberties to pursue happiness. And they got a guy in the White House that not only fosters that, but is willing to fight for each person to have those freedoms and liberties. Americans don’t want hand outs, they want a hand up. They want their freedoms and the dignity of their own achievements and self worth.

By attempting to cheat 63 million Americans and the electorate out of their vote, it provokes them into voting stronger in 2020. Americans have finally stood up and said, we will be heard and not denied. We will not be silenced and demand our freedoms and liberties given to us through the Bill of Rights. The pursuit of happiness is not guaranteed, nor should it be. It is not determined by someone else. We determine it. It is a freedom to pursue individual liberties and to be the best of who each us as individuals can be. We are not a one size fits all. We are the greatest people in world. We are the American people.

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