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The Future of The Vote

In November 2016, the DC elite, the political ruling class were angry and disappointed with the American people. So much so that they were bound and determined to never allow that to happen again. Never again would the election of a president be entrusted to the American people. And so their work was cut out for them. In a country of 327 million, only 535 are charged with carrying out our desires for our country, make the laws we live under and protect us and our families. They are custodians of our freedoms and liberties. 535! out of 327 million. Thats a lot of power, an enormous amount of control. That type of power and control can be so intoxicating.

The right to choose our president is a cherished and coveted liberty. It is now being shown to us that that right, that vote is not respected by many of our elected officials. They can and will dissolve it and render it worthless if it is not what they approve of or find acceptable. They will sabotage this president and that of future presidents. The ends justify the means.

As we sit and watch as the DC political class dismantle the separations of powers, we should be alarmed and concerned at that irreverence. If you meld the branches into one blurred conglomerate, we loose our republic. We will no longer be a “represented republic “. We will have no representation, we will have no voice or vote. The separation of powers also pertains to the DC elite power and the power of the people.

The Democrats have repeatedly said that they cannot allow the American people to make this same mistake come this November. They have to remove that choice from them. They are fearful Donald Trump will again interfere with the election. He interfered in 2016 and he will do it again. He interfered with what they had already predetermined would be the outcome. It was Hillary’s turn, they had all conclusively decided and agreed on that. It may have been done as early as 2008. And when Donald Trump interfered with that , he removed their power, their control. That was not only unexpected, it was completely unacceptable. Negotiations had happened, agreements made within the parties, everyone had to come to an understanding. Make no mistake, it was not just the Democrats, Republicans are not immune to the power and control drug either. It was not the Russians who interfered with the election, or really even Donald Trump. It was the American people.

There was an impeachment in 1868. It took 106 years to attempt the next one 1974. Then, 1998, 24 years later, Clinton, next 2019, 21 years. Notice the increased frequency in which this is happening. Impeachment has become a campaign/election tool, more effective than a TV ad. Eventually impeachment will be rendered unnecessary. There will be no need to remove a duly elected president or invalidate a constitutional vote. There will be no elections, no need for them, there will be appointments by a very small select group, a select few that we did not vote for.

That is the purpose of this current impeachment. To remove Donald Trump from even being on the ballot, therefore neutralizing the “threat” and removing even having him as a choice for the American people. The current impeachment is to dilute the power of the Vote, the voice of the American people. The purpose is to remove the American people from the equation. It is also a means of retaking the Senate. If the DC elites, the powers that be can gain control, they will redesign this country. They will remove certain rights as they water down the Bill of Rights, The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14 will not be protected. Our Constitution will be gutted and in its place an interpretation they deem is correct and serves them.

The Democrats realize what is at stake here. They cannot under any circumstances allow the American people to decide this, for Donald Trump to be re-elected. More importantly, they can never again allow the American people to fully enjoy these liberties and freedoms. Letting the American people decide has just become an inconvenience that they now need to rectify. And if it takes 4 more impeachments, then so be it. The American people should reject these actions. Today it’s the Democrats, tomorrow it may be the Republicans. But make no mistake. 21 years will turn into 15, into 8, 5…. The countdown has apparently started.

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