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The Jurisprudence of America

The majority of Americans are fair minded individuals. They believe that there are two sides to every story. They believe that they are capable of deriving at the truth, given all the facts. Fairness is so important to the American people, they will provide an attorney for the accused if they can’t afford one. Even someone who is accused of murder or child molestation, has the right to representation. Innocent until proven guilty. It is a right given to everyone. Any reasonable person in this country would say only hearing one side of the story is not fairness and also it does not allow them to weigh all evidence both sides of the argument. They would tell you they need to hear all the facts.

But the Democrats do not want that. They want to control what the American people hear and know about this whole impeachment issue. Fairness is not what they are striving for. Impeachment is the goal even if it is done in an underhanded, secretive and deceptive way. In not allowing the minority party the opportunity to hear and present witnesses, the democrats are not just being unfair to the Republicans, they are being unfair to the American people. They seem to forget that 1/2 the country elected this president and they not only deserve, but are entitled to fair treatment through the judicial system. Due process. They expect it. Yet, the Democrats have determined that Republicans can be in the room, but cannot ask questions. They have told witnesses that they may not have an attorney while they are being grilled like a cheese sandwich.

Who among us would accept that. Imagine, being accused of a crime and then told that only the people allowed to speak are the ones accusing you. You can’t have an attorney and you cannot ask questions or produce any witnesses. You cannot defend yourself in any way. How fair does that sound? Is that what the Democrats pass off as justice?

Now lets add to your situation. The prosecutor , lets use Adam Shiff in this scenario, lied and made up an entire narrative ( a scene from a B mob movie ) about what you did. Couple that with him saying in the past that you had committed crimes, (to which he produced no evidence) and continues to convict you in the public square. Who among us would feel that we were being treated fairly or that all the facts were being presented?

Apparently the Democrats have no problem denying Americans their fundamental rights provided to them under the constitution. Or just plain fairness. If you remember, they attempted this same denial of due process to Brett Kavanaugh. They pronounced him guilty all over every news channel they could get their mugs on and didn’t think he was deserving of due process. They cast his 5th amendment right into the garbage can. Democrats seem to think that anyone they disagree with is not entitled to their rights. Including the American President. If they had their way they would remove many of our constitutional rights because they don’t believe they apply to people they disagree with.

Democrats are attempting to remove a sitting President. Undo the vote of 1/2 of the American people, reverse their decision, and they want to do it without the sanction of the American people. The American people take the impeachment of their president very seriously. And they do not expect it to be done behind closed doors, and without all rights afforded. It terrifies them because they know if the Democrats can do this to their president, they can most certainly do it to them. The American people are also smart enough to figure out that the reason all is being done in a clandestine manner, and only given selective information, is because the Adam Shiffs of the party know that the American people would not condone all the secret squirrel tactics.

You hear so many Democrats emphatically proclaim that the president is not above the law. Well neither is Congress. The President of the United States still has rights. As do the American people. When you attempt to remove their president, the American people will demand you operate in a fair and just manner, out in the open. And they will demand to hear all sides of the argument, not just the part you want them to hear. The American people believe in choice, and no Adam Shiff or anyone else has the right to remove that from them. Every day our liberties are threatened and our choices are removed is a day we need to pay particular attention. If you blink, you may miss it.

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