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The Looting of America

In the midst of a two month pandemic lockdown, we witnessed a horrific crime this past week. Most of America saw playing out on their screens, a police officer with his knee on the throat of a handcuffed man, snuff out the man’s life, with an almost calm demeanor. As onlookers cautioned him that he was killing the man, the officer appeared to simply look around at his surroundings and not be affected. Three other officers seemed to assist the officer in his focused, non distracted actions. This video went on for 8 minutes. Horrified spectators, in their paralysis, stood frozen as their brains attempted to bring into focus the information their eyes were sending to the cranial. The outrage on the death of this man was universal. The sheer naked evil sparked a flame in this country that would destroy all we know, all we have. It also provoked another sinister behavior in this country. The looting of America. Little did we know all that we hold dear as a country would be stolen from us.

For two months governors all over the country were issuing mandates to people regarding the Covid 19 virus. They were arbitrary, not well explained. People were told 14 days to flatten the curve. In an effort to not overwhelm the hospitals, Americans were asked to sacrifice for the good of the country and stay home. They were willing to do this. After the 14 days, it veered off to the left and went off the rails. This was the commencement of the looting. As the weeks wore on and governors felt more autocratic , they stated imposing massive restrictions on liberties. They made determinations of who were essential, and who were not. They started shaping their own America. One that did not include rights to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness or the ability for one to earn a living and support themselves and their families. All of that was taken away. People lost their jobs, businesses could not survive, the right to assemble was removed, the right to worship in the house of God that they chose for themselves. As the looting continued, unrestrained, people lost their lives, their self esteem, their dignity. If one dared to challenge these governors, they were immediately brought to task. They were reprimanded, lectured, shamed and some even jailed and had their business licenses revoked. The punishment was swift, and they were forced to see the error of their actions, some even by demand of a judge, ordered to apologize. If one dared to go into public without a facecovering, they were castigated and barred from entering. Still many conformed so as to avoid the chastising and expulsion from society. There seemed no end in sight to this unreasonable and untenable existence as the sense of loss started to overwhelm even the strongest spirit.

And then the day of the killer cop happened. Every American banded together in unity. All were in agreement that justice should meted out. We were all again equal, all in solidarity. As the protests began for the demand of justice, evil was forming behind the scenes. Soon everyone stopped talking about the poor man whose life was ended because they now watched an even greater horror. Rioters came out of the crevices and smashed windows, buildings and cars were set ablaze. They scrambled out with their arms full of merchandise, hurling bottles, bricks and rags soaked with gasoline at the police or anyone who attempted to stop them. They beat shop owners with bats, 2×4 or their fists. They stomped on them rendering them unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk. Police were overwhelmed and some killed. Our government leaders admonished us from daring to criticize or be angered about this behavior. Some even refusing the assistance of our National Guard. Telling us it was their 1st amendment right to loot, steal, destroy and rob us. We must accept that. They would not take any measures to protect us from the left of our lives and country as we know it. The governors were by now conditioned to believe that their word was absolute and would be obeyed. The fact that it made no sense that a person would be jailed for opening their business, but a person would not be jailed for throwing a brick through that very same business and steeling the contents inside, did not faze them a bit. They were accustomed to removing your rights without justification.

This is the looting of America. Our government officials will gut the country, allow it to burn to ground in order to achieve and retain their power. They will tell us they will give a monetary stipend that we should be grateful for and believe it is adequate for us to sustain ourselves. As they eliminate businesses, livelihoods and liberties, steal from Americans all they cherish, and the American spirit we should ask ourselves…. How did we allow the looting of America to occur so easily. How did a people relinquish their freedoms and liberties with such little resistance. We are told we need to accept the new normal. Government leaders are under the impression that the new normal is whenever they want to accomplish something, they will simply order it be done in the name of a “crisis”. They can systematically remove our rights under the guise of “crisis” What other rights are they planing to rob from us? Perhaps the 2 amendment, that would be a great start, because after that, the rest will be easy to remove. The new normal is for our government leaders to loot and steal from us with impunity. Is this the America you want to hand down to they next generation? Decide now, while you still have some remnants of freedom and liberty. You never know when the next “crisis” will occur and the pilfering resume, it could be being manufactured right now.

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