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The Super Bowl

Who Gets To Walk The Hallow Halls

Remember when Hillary Clinton stood on stage as Horrified that Donald Trump might not accept the results of the election? She felt so superior in making that statement because she, the Democrats, as well as the media were certain that she was going to win the election. It’s easy to be so arrogantly confident when you have been assured of your victory. It never occurred to her that SHE , the Democrats as well as 95% of the media would end up being guilty of the very exact thing she was predicting Donal Trump would do. It must be incredibly satisfying to be so self assured and confident. To know that you have it in the bag. Pre determined. No need to worry, no need to work hard or over exert yourself to actually campaign for votes.

The hubris is astounding to me. It never occurred to her that she would loose. It was not even a possibility. This is the normal thinking of elite, and narcissistic politicians. Now, we have Hillary, the democrats and 95% of the media telling us that the once horrendous idea of not accepting the results of an election and even going as far as attempting to reverse those results is completely justified. Why? The answer is simple. Because they lost. They will remind you that Hillary won the popular vote. So what?

Could you imagine the Patriots doing something like this after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles? We had more running yards, or we had the ball longer, or we had a bigger crowd, or our fans bought more beer!!! So the protest would begin, to overturn the win. Marches in the streets, boycotting, celebs screaming into microphones. And if that doesn’t work, well then, we must just change the rules for future. From now on the game will not be won or lost by touchdowns, it will be running yards. Totally changing the way the game has been played since it’s inception. Why?? Because they lost.

The Democrats now want to subpoena 81 people, ( after an exhaustive 2 year investigation by Mueller, ) disrupt their lives, possibly bankrupt them, destroy their lives and those of their families, toss the entire country into even further chaos, denying and resisting the peaceful transfer of power. Why? You guessed it, because they lost.

Instead of of doing the work of the people, solving some very important issues, they have decided to challenge the Super Bowl. Bring back the fans, get the ref’s back here, we’re gonna make sure this win doesn’t stand. Imagine if from now on a particular group of people don’t like the results of an election, they could just challenge it and overturn the results. The freedom of casting a vote and having it count would be a thing of the past. Your vote will only count if the powers that be approve it. Free and fair elections would no longer exist. Your freedoms, your liberties are not what they are interested in. Power and control are what matter. The Electoral College and the Constitution are a hindrance. Some never Trumpers may agree with over turning this election, disenfranchising 1/2 the country who voted for him, denying them their vote. But ask yourself this. What happens when the candidate you voted for is deemed unacceptable? When the powers that be determine you made a stupid and uninformed vote? What then? This behavior should concern all Americans. The freedoms and liberties afforded us under our Constitution are for all, not just a select few. And certainly not subject to change because some don’t agree with your choice. This is not Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All

One Vote, one Voice. Your Vote, Your Voice.

Your Freedom, Your Liberty

It should be Respected

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