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Title What?

Seems Title 42 is getting a lot of attention these days. Some people ask

What is Title 42? Simply put, expulsions are removals by the U.S government of persons who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present. During covid, Donald Trump invoked Title 42 even when the CDC scientists initially opposed it stating that there was no rationale behind it, at the same time stating that mask mandates should stay in force. Joe Biden is set to rescind Title 42 at the end of May, and also go to court to challenge a recent judge striking down the mask mandate for planes, trains and buses.

So not hard to understand why people are confused. Either there is a concern regarding Covid 19 and you have to mandate a mask, or there is no concern of Covid 19 and people from less developed countries should be allowed to enter with or without Covid 19 concern.

Several in Congress, both Democrat and Republican, especially in border states, are getting all wrapped around the axle stating if you stop enforcing Title 42 they are concerned about the influx of migrants and there is no way to keep them out. Two things here, number one, it’s an election year, so they are of course looking at the polls, but more importantly, they are taking the cheep way out with Title 42. Public health laws should not be substituted for immigration reform laws. Here’s a suggestion, how about just enforcing our current immigration laws AND, and this is the big one, follow the judges order to keep Remain in Mexico. Joe Biden put his hand on a Bible (professing to be a devout Catholic, you would think that meant something ) and swore to uphold the laws of this country. He has not upheld the current immigration laws already on the books and has defied the judges order as well. So, so much for that oath swearing bit.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Joe Biden campaigned on this. So to his credit, this is another Promises made, Promises kept. However, Congress is also to blame. Immigration for many years has been one of the go to issues during an election. This volleyball has been banged around for years. It has virtually become a sport. Congress alone has the power to re write our immigration laws and they know that, and so does Joe Biden and everyone else. They have no desire to do so and have demonstrated that many times over through the years. They stomp their feet about it, but after elected, they put the issues back in the desk drawer until the next election. Our elected officials have neither the desire or the gonads to do anything about our immigration laws. Whether because it is too complicated, too controversial, or they want to keep the issue for the next election, either way, they are completely enervated. At this point it’s difficult to believe they could pass gas after eating a can of beans let alone any meaningful legislation that might actually help this country or the people who pay their salaries.

Next time you see a politician on TV ranting and raving about the open border and Title 42 and blah blah blah, know that they actually have the power to fix it. They just lack the initiative to tackle anything larger than writing a bill that renames a Post Office.

Remember this the next time you vote.

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