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To Be Or Not To Be

That is the question of what Americans are asking. To be on the side of Impeachment, removal of office or support the president. Some say President Donald Trump is a ” threat to our democracy!, our constitution! ” There is also another question. Just what exactly has he done?

Has he used the law enforcement agencies of our government against any American citizen? Has he used the IRS to target any journalists or their families? Or subpoenaed any elected officials tax returns from when they were a private citizen? Has he ignored our immigration laws and allowed drug smugglers, human traffickers, or MS13 to enter our country or ordered ICE and Border Control to stand down? Has he enacted laws that allow for the killing of American babies after birth? Has he denied anyone the freedom to practice their religion? Has he advocated for reaching into the pockets of the wealthy or companies to steal their money right out of their wallets because he deems they have enough and must share? Has he attempted to destroy the private life of even one American citizen? Or made their life a living hell to the point of preventing them from doing their job? Has he denied or violated the constitutional rights of any citizen? Has he infringed on the rights of any American citizen? Has he singled out one group, be it Black, White, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Jewish, Christian, and ostracized them? Has he traded secrets with foreign adversaries? Has he made even one attempt to squash free speech?

The answer(s) is no. What he has done is create an economy that benefits many Americans. He has attempted in every aspect to protect American citizens from harm. He has limited regulations on companies to promote growth and incentives and in turn created a competition in the job market to hire more people. He has made it possible for the stock market to rally and 401K’s to increase. Oh and the other thing he has done, apparently, is drive the Democrats nuts. Maybe his greatest achievement.

He has repeatedly told the American people how great this country is and how spectacular the American people are. He has praised the American people for their patriotism and love of this country and has vowed to do everything he can to protect the Constitution and their Bill of Rights that insure their liberties. He has attempted to make it possible for every American to pursue life, liberty and happiness. He has not dictated to them what that is. He has left it to them to define it as it refers to them. He has continuously reinforced the “we the people”. This is our success, our government and that he works for the American people. He has taken the salary that the American people pay him and has donated it to various groups in their name.

So when you hear Impeach!, think about what that is. It is impeachment of the American people. The attempt to remove our freedoms and liberties and replace them with what the political class decide we should have or not have. What limits are imposed on us. How far we can go. What we can achieve. Determine how much we can and cannot make and when we have made more then what they feel is appropriate, they will simply take it and place it where they deem is “moral”. That was not the intention of our forefathers. We the people of this great nation have built it and cherish it. We have in each individual way made it better for ourselves, our families, communities and all who desire to come here. We the American people strive TO BE the greatest nation in the world. And we the people will settle for nothing less. Our liberties and freedoms are the envy of the world, and with President Donald Trumps help, we will keep those freedoms and liberties intact making America the grand beacon of the World.

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