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Truckers, Students and Trudeau

Through the years this country has seen culture shifts. Some good, some not so good. Remember back in the 60's, "you can't trust anyone over the age of 30" ? In the 1960's and at Berkeley U, about 500 students of all political persuasions began an exercise in civil disobedience. The Free Speech Movement. "We Shall Not Be Moved !" was a familiar chant. Ultimately, the university officials agreed to sit with the students and negotiate. After respecting the students and hearing them out, a compromise was established.

Justin Trudeau was a mere 7 years old when the Free Speech Movement hit San Francisco, so it's understandable that he would be clueless on how to handle civil disobedience. The truckers in Canada want the respect of being heard. Listened to. But Justin Trudeau will have no parts of a dialogue. Not worth his time or interest. Had he just did a small bit of self reflection and perhaps digging into the Free Speech Movement, he would have taken a lesson from the university officials and sat down with the Truckers to hear them out. The sheer arrogance that the truckers were not even worthy of a I'll Hear You Out attitude is disgraceful.

The truckers wanted what we all want. Respect. Aretha Franklin sang a song about it. Just hear what I have to say. What Justin Trudeau did was to turn his back, close his ears and launch a full on attack. The truckers have been peaceful, respectful, and happy in their actions. They have not resorted to violence, in fact, just the opposite. They have music, dancing, bouncy houses, BBQ and dialogue. None of that is considered extreme or threatening. But the haircut in a $3000 suit initially put his tail between his legs and fled. In fear? Fear of what? Certainly not violence. No one had committed any acts of violence. Fear of not being able to meet them on their level of concern and perhaps negotiate a compromise. His fear was he knew he was ill equipped to have a conversation with anyone he considered a commoner. If any of that common man slime rubbed on him he may not be able to wash it off before the next G7. And with that attitude in is pocket, he became the one who became violent and aggressive.

This aggressive behavior is encouraged by Joe Biden and members of the American Media. Joe Biden needs Trudeau to be triumphant in his tyrannical solution, because that will open the door for he and his elites to do the same in this country. Encroachment of ones rights is not an immediate. It takes time and deliberation. And, the success of someone else's attempt gives courage for your actions.

Americans should not be fooled by the "this is in another country" attitude. The thought process of our elected officials is the same. You have seen it displayed in their attitude towards parents. They have labeled them terrorists. They have no desire to listen to them or their concerns. Shut up, do as you're told and no one will get hurt. The because I'm the mom headset doesn't work on full grown adults. The Grand Wizards of our government should make no mistake, the tide is turning. People are coming out of their fearful shells and starting to speak up and no attempt at bullying them into silence will work. They will be out in droves.

So keep your voices loud!!!! Let them hear you!!!!! Take advantage of your freedom to speak and others will follow. Until such time that that happens.............

Let Freedom and your voices Ring loud and clear.

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