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We Are Coming For Your Liberties

I watched a portion of the debates this week. I listened to not only what was being said, but more importantly, what was not being said. What is not said, is much more informative. And then there was that TV screen shattering moment that made everyone, not least of all, Democrats sit back in their chairs in shock and dismay. That moment was when Beto declared he was coming for your guns. You could almost hear the vast majority of the democrats groan and their collective palms slamming their foreheads. O no!, he did not just say that out loud!!! You know they were wishing for that big hook to go around him and drag him off stage. But there it was. And it hung there and wafted the air like a bad cigar.

What was equally distressing was none of the other candidates or moderators challenged him. A direct disregard and assault on the 2nd amendment, and no one said, ” hey, that is a direct violation of the 2nd amendment, you know, the constitution, Bill of Rights, all that stuff that the American people are granted and depend on”. That is what was not said. Confiscating firearms from law abiding Americans seems to be perfectly acceptable. If they don’t think you should have that particular right, they will simply dismiss it. They feel they have the right to remove your rights.

We then move forward a few days later to a news story attacking Justice Brett Kavanaugh. What was not said, was that the “victim” of the story, said she was not a victim. End of story. But the story didn’t include that very critical part, misleading the reader. What is more disturbing is 6 of the presidential candidates response. Six people who are seeking the highest office in the land, who want to be president of this great country, who will place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution, ALL threw out presumption of innocence, and due process (the Fifth and the Fourteenth amendment) and called for Kavanaughs impeachment. A charge that carries the death penalty. Again, if they don’t like you, or agree with you , they have the right to remove your rights.

So we have candidates who want to be president, but have no respect, or intention of holding up the constitution of this great country. It should give pause to every American that in their quest for power, the people running for president have already ignored the First, Second, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment. What other freedoms and liberties are they willing to ignore for power. What other rights, will they toss aside to gain power. What other rights, liberties, that we the people cherish, do they believe they can deny us, simply because they disagree with us. And when they get that power, we the people then have none. Confiscating property and denying liberties is a very disturbing thought.

If you don’t think that your freedoms and liberties are under attack, then you just haven’t been paying attention. You have not heard a word they said, and you have definitely not heard what they did not say. When they succeed in undermining our judicial system, our laws, our rights, freedoms and liberties, many will sit back and ask, why didn’t anyone challenge this. How did this happen. Lady Justice is suppose to be blind, but we should not be. The dismantling of our liberties is no longer subtle, candidates now are putting it right out there. They are no longer satisfied with treading on rights, they now trample on them. The slow erosion of our freedoms is not what they seek anymore, immediate destruction of the fabric of this country and total power is this goal of this election. Listen! Listen to what they say, and what they do not say. What they are saying is, not just “We are coming for your guns,” what they are not saying, but it is loud and clear is, ” We Are Coming For Your Liberties.”

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