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We Should Try To Be More Like Freemasons

If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to go to City Hall in Philadelphia, you will find yourself on North Broad Street heading towards the building within a square. As you get closer, you will see an exquisite piece of architecture designed by a 27 year old architect, James H Windrim. The Masonic Temple, completed in 1873, stands majestically on Broad Street as a representation of the founding of the Freemasonry of the Grand Lodge which began in England in 1717

Many famous and influential people throughout history have been Freemasons.

A bronze statue, “The Bond” depicts George Washington presenting to Benjamin Franklin {both founding members of the first Masonic Lodge in America}, the masonic apron. The masonic apron, gifted to George Washington from Marquis de Lafayette, is a fabric that bonds France and the United States. Others included, Franklin D Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Henry Ford, Buzz Aldrin, Winston Churchill, Mozart and even Davy Crocket were among some of the men to join this worldwide secret society. These men and thousands around the world are part of a social and philanthropic organization dedicated to help members lead a more virtuous and socially oriented life.

The purpose of Freemasonry is to make “better men out of good men”. This oath bond society, is devoted to fellowship, moral discipline, mutual assistance and benevolence. Their basic tenants being, Brotherly Love, the practice of the Golden Rule. Relief, charity for all of mankind, and Truth, honesty, fair play, and the adherence of the cardinal virtues of Temperance, Fortitude,Prudence, and Justice. All of these serving as motivation to each individual man to strengthen his character and promote a moral and spiritual outlook and sense of being.

Although Freemasonry is not a Christian institution, they believe in the existence of a Supreme Being. The ideology of the obedience to the law of the land and the influences they have on others and the world. They know their purpose. I myself have had the great honor of calling many Freemasons, friend. My life has been made better just by the example they set. I have on many occasions been not only impressed, but mystified and inspired by the character and behavior of these men. They have a genuine love of mankind and country and an unselfish desire to help others.

Our government leaders would be well served to take cues and lessons from these exemplary men. Were they to emulate these honorable philosophies and put them into practice within our government it would benefit this country immensely. Instead of dividing, they would unite and enrich the lives of all people.

In closing, I will share what a friend told me when I asked him what impact have the Freemasons had on him on a personal level. This was his response...

“Because of my involvement with the fraternity I have met and made friendships with men from all walks of life that I probably would not have been able to meet outside of the fraternity. I have traveled throughout the United States and abroad representing the fraternity knowing that each and every Brother I meet has the same values and principles he knelt and swore to. It is inspiring to see our brethren devote much of their time towards the many charitable organizations we sponsor including our youth groups which as we all know these children will represent our country going forward as future leaders.Being a member of the Fraternity inspires me to be a better man, husband, and role model for others. “

There is inspiration all around us if we simply look and pay attention. I hope all of us will adopt some of these principles and practice them in our daily lives. If we implement these tenants and those we believe in our individual faith, we can in fact assist in making our government and our world a place where we all want live and be proud to pass on to our descendants.

*Special thanks to AS for his valuable

contribution to this piece*

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