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What Could You Do In 675 Days & $25.2 ?

Well, apparently the best Bob Mueller and a team of over 12 of the best of the best prosecutors this country has seen in years were able to come up with is…………….. Wait For It………………. 34 Total indictments, 26 of which were Russian nationals, and 3 were Russian companies, for a grand total of………….. Wait For It………….. Total number of collusion indictment………….0!! Yep, thats right folks, 0. Nada, zip, niente, nichego. Not even one.

After almost two years of the media, some high ranking democrats, people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Stalwall, Adam Shiff and a myriad of others telling us there was concrete evidence, that they themselves have seen! How could Bob Mueller have missed it? Was he not looking at the same evidence? Were the aforementioned people playing hide and seek with Mueller and he just finally threw up his hands and said I give up? What happened here? We were told the 45th president was a Russian spy for crying out loud. He was guilty of such nefarious behavior he would most certainly be impeached. Even possibly jail! Please don’t tell us that Mueller is simply incompetent. Could it be that? Could we have frittered away millions of dollars on an inept, amateurish, bungling doofus?

Despite the countless news stories and affirmations, TV talking heads, tweets, posts, and propaganda and scorched earth tactics they come up empty handed. No unlawful collusion with a foreign power, no obstruction of justice, no treason, no impeachable offense. Not one high crime or even a misdemeanor. They lead this country down a BS path, divided it, caused all kinds of damage to it as well as to our foreign relationships, and have nothing to show for it but a big fat goose egg. Do you feel snookered?

So for only 25.2 million dollars ladies and gentlemen you too can get a big fat goose egg for your hard earned tax dollars. But wait! there’s more! For an additional amount of undetermined money the Democrats will continue this sham and leave you again with the question, What could you do with 25.2 million dollars.

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