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When Is Enough, Enough?

Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Our chief law enforcement officer, President Trump showed not only Iran, but all countries, that he has a toleration limit when it comes to killing Americans. Something the Democrats have not yet come too. Many Americans feel that even one dead American is one too many, so the question to Democrats whose hair is on fire for eliminating Soleimani is this. Exactly what is the magic number for you? Is it 20 dead Americans, 650, 1500? What? What exactly is the acceptable number and what is the ” that’s gone too” far number?

There is no doubt President Trump struggled with this decision. The taking of any life would make most people uncomfortable, and to suggest that the president made this decision with no forethought, guidance, weighing of all options, is simply ridiculous. But here is the question again. After taking down a drone, killing an American contractor, Storming our embassy, bearing in mind that this crap has been going on for 40 years, and then tag on a credible briefing that he had a few more targets in mind before weeks end, what is the democrats toleration limit? Do you play defense or offense? Do you wait again and see if something is pulled off? A few more dead Americans? Then perhaps discuss your next move? Or do you go on the offense and say I’m gonna stop this before it happens. If you were driving down the highway and a 14 wheeler was coming head on at you, would you not swerve, perhaps causing you to broadside a tree and take that risk, or would you wait and hope the truck driver pulls his best maneuver and hope to God no one gets hurt? When is enough enough? What’s the magical number?

And now, Nancy Pelosi and her crew want to limit the Commander in Chief! This is 2020, things happen in real time. Information is not sent by carrier pigeon and arrives after the fact. As ineffective as Congress is, could you imagine the “Commander in Chief” having to go and ask permission to protect the American People? How asinine can you get? Especially when you see Nancy is not in any real hurry to send articles of impeachment that were of such paramount importance that our National security was at risk if they did not vote immediately. She’s on day 25 with these articles where? in her underwear drawer, what? Is she on Mount Sinai and trying to break Moses 40 day record and come out with 2 stone tablets with the articles written on them? If anything would be a threat to our national security, limiting the presidents ability to protect this country and tie his hands would certainly head the top of the list. But Nancy also realizes there are more people interested in Harry and Meagan as well as the Jeopardy smackdown, than impeachment.

The paralyzing hatred the Democrats have been experiencing for the last 3 years has caused them to go completely off the rails. It has actually caused them to support a terrorist and terrorist state rather defend the American people. They compare Donald Trump to Hitler and Soleimani to Martin Luther King. No matter how much you dislike President Trump, the American people should be your first concern. And the BS line of telling us that we don’t want anger anyone and provoke a problem or attack response, is just that, BS. They have been attacking us for 40 years, do you really think they could hate us any more than they do? Americans do not chant death to anyone, but death to America was said as Iran was loading the 1.5 billion onto their trucks.

If the Democrats want to regain any standing with the American people they need to start respecting the American people, their decisions and most of all their country. Stop treating the American people as ignorant, plebeians. If there is one thing Donald Trump did, it was wake up ALL Americans. He gave them permission to wear a red hat if they want, support their country and show patriotism. He made them feel important again. He provoked them into re reading the constitution and go back to their 6 grade civics classes. The Democrats are like a football team that goes into a huddle and then turns around and gives the middle finger to fans in the stands, and then proceed to ridicule them for wearing their team jersey. So if the Democrats want to restore any semblance of credibility, stop treating our men and women in the military as disposables, and they will re learn that they work for the American people. Protect and insure the lives of the American people, allow them their liberty and assist them in their pursuit of happiness. Otherwise they may all be looking for a new job.

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