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What in the name of James Madison is going on in this country?

He’s Impeached!! He not Impeached!!!! Time is of the essence, Trump is an existential threat to National Security. Let’s go home for Christmas and do this later. Fairness be damned, we can’t wait for the courts. We want to hold off and make sure its a fair trial for House. Fairness applies to the accused not the accuser. Magna Carta does not apply here!!! We need a speedy impeachment. No need for a speedy trial. The House gave Trump every opportunity to prove his innocence. No one in this country is required to prove their innocence. Trump is attempting to influence the 2020 election!!!! We have to remove Trump in an effort to influence the 2020 election.

If your neck hurts from the constant swiveling of your head, you are not alone. This has so many people scratching their heads, including Democrats. Hatred makes people do irrational things, we have just seen that demonstrated by the Democrat Party. You’ve seen less gymnastic moves during the Olympics. I wonder how the 30 House members who are in Trump districts feel after being coerced into throwing themselves on the sword for the party only to have the party yell “psych!!! only kidding” and Nancy Pelosi decide not to proceed. This was not leading them down the garden path, this was tossing them into the Hemlock plant and telling them it’s part of the carrot family. In a country of over 300 million people, we only entrust to it’s care, 535 officials. And these are them!!!! That should scare the pajama’s off most of us.

At this point Trump could possibly be the first president to be impeached with a bipartisan vote Against impeachment, without an acquittal, only to be un-impeached and win re- election for a 2nd term. Everyone is invoking the founding fathers, I would suspect they would stabbing themselves in the eye with their own ink quill.

The hilarity of the whole thing would not be concerning if not for the subliminal message from the Democrats. That message is this…. We do not respect your vote. We have the power to undo it, and we have just demonstrated that to you.

The dismissive and dissolution of 63 million Americans, 30 States, is so incredibly disrespectful to the electorate and that is the real threat to this constitution. They have tipped their hand that they will forever feel that the vote of the American people is in fact Not sacrosanct, but conditional. And it is conditioned on their approval. If they do not agree with the vote, they will simply make it null and void. Regardless of your party affiliation, that should send chills down your spine from this day forward.

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