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Whisper Down The Lane

So evidently Adam Schiff is not happy that a lot of Americans are not interested in playing Whisper Down The Lane with him. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that many are preparing for Thanksgiving and after that they will be too wrapped up in prepping for Christmas. Another reason may be that they have gone down this rabbit hole with him before and are either bored or just think he is full of crap. He and the Democrats have been trying to oust this president since before he placed his hand on the Bible, and so far it hasn’t worked. It’s rather obvious they are hitting the panic button. They have horrendous candidates and know the only way to not allow the American people their choice, the Dems will have to remove the choice and force a new president on them. Sorta of the way they did the ACA. Let’s face it, they just don’t trust the American people to make the decision they want, so they have to remove President Trump so that he is not an option.

The Democrats want to convince you that second, third, and fourth hand knowledge of something is truth. Whisper down the lane works like this, One person says Typical Nasty Weather and by the time the fourth person hears it, they say Tickle Your Ass with a Feather.

Let’s follow this for a minute. Your neighbor Jane comes to you and says Mary told me that George said Larry vandalized Sues car. So the police go to Larry and ask him about it. Larry says no I didn’t do it. So the the police go to Sue and Sue says, no, my car wasn’t vandalized. But somehow the police try to convince Sue that her car was vandalized because 4 neighbors all heard from other neighbors that Larry vandalized her car. The police then go and interview 3 more people who say they heard the same thing. But the important thing is the two people, Larry and Sue say it never happened. How much logic does this make?

Adam Schiff is trying to convince the American people that some nefarious thing happened with our president and the president of Ukraine. It must be very frustrating not being able to convince the Ukrainian president that his car wasn’t vandalized.

To bore us even further, he trots out Yovanovich to emote about being fired. Many people in this country have been fired when new owners or management take over. The new management generally gets rid of the old staff and replaces them with their own team. Happens every day. The only difference is when a person gets fired, they don’t get re assigned with the same pay, they get directions on how to file for unemployment.

The bottom line is, the American people get to elect who they want. And that person gets to set policy, both foreign and domestic. It is something they take seriously. And they take it very seriously if a handful of Democrats try to take it away. The message being sent by the Democrats is, We and only we get to decide who sits in the Oval Office. If you make the wrong choice, we will undo it. This should concern everyone, Democrats included. Our freedoms and liberties are ours to enjoy. But some feel that is not what they want. Whisper down the lane to anyone who will listen, your vote, your voice is in jeopardy.

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